Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Special News

  • PE Investments Soar

    Special |  News | 0 Comment | 08 Oct, 2012

    The life sciences industry witnessed 137 percent rise in PE investments this year. The surge in investments is encouraging and the trends indicate that a whole new breed of compa...Read more

  • "The future looks bright for women in biotech"

    Special |  News | 0 Comment | 04 Nov, 2010

    —Dr Alpna Seth, Managing Director, Biogen Idec India, Gurgaon With a career spanning two decades in life sciences, covering all major verticals in the industry, Dr Alpna Seth ha...Read more

  • 'Biosafety and biosecurity are important for strengthening global

    Special |  News | 0 Comment | 11 Oct, 2011

    Ms Maureen Ellis Co-chair, International Federation of Biosafety Associations, Canada It is extremely difficult for life sciences companies and ...Read more

  • Celebrating DNA' s 70 years as genetic material

    Special |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 30 Nov, -0001

    DNA's discovery as a genetic material has paved the way for major discoveries in biomedicine, the genomes of humans and various other species have been fully sequenced providing fascinating...Read more

  • Rank 19 - Aligarh Muslim University

    Special |  News | 0 Comment | 06 Aug, 2009

    Rank 19 - Aligarh Muslim University Department of Biochemistry Aligarh Muslim University’s interdisciplinary biotechnology unit (IBU) was established in 1985. Biotech...Read more

  • Forward March

    Special |  News | 0 Comment | 06 Jan, 2006

    Forward March Forward March It is the season of hope. Every one looks forward to a great year ahead, while reflecting on the year that has just gone by. O...Read more

  • “Picking up science is a lot more difficult than picking up businessâ€?

    Special |  News | 0 Comment | 07 May, 2007

    New Page 1 "Picking up science is a lot more difficult than picking up business" -Sir Gregory Winter, joint head, division of protein and n...Read more

  • VC funding in healthcare IT sector worth $2.2 bn in 2013

    Special |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 20 Jan, 2014

    Mercom Capital Group, llc, a global communications and consulting firm, released its annual report on funding and mergers and acquisition (M&A) activity for the Healthcare Information T...Read more

  • Clinical trials: the new mantra for growth

    Special |  News | 0 Comment | 10 Apr, 2003

    Every year over 80,000 clinical trials of various drugs and treatments are conducted in the world. Estimated to cost around $ 13 billion (Rs 60,000 crore), these trials happen mostly i...Read more

  • The National Vaccine Policy One Year After

    Special |  News | 0 Comment | 11 May, 2012

    In an effort to provide detailed guidelines for formulating the vaccine strategies, the National Vaccine Policy was drafted and released in April 2011. BioSpectrum spoke to the indus...Read more

  • Rising Need for New Age Antibiotics

    Special |  News | 0 Comment | 10 Mar, 2009

    Rising Need for New Age Antibiotics Resistant strains of bacteria have undermined the effectiveness of current treatment options and creating an urgent need for new class o...Read more

  • Mr Venugopalan: India has not made any significant investments in analytical sector

    Special |  Interviews | By Narayan Kulkarni | 0 Comment | 14 Dec, 2012

    Indian Analytical Instruments Association (IAIA), an exclusive professional body with a vision to promote, encourage and develop the growth of the analytical instruments industry in India h...Read more

  • WHO, UNICEF launch fresh attack on 'forgotten killers'

    Special |  News | By Rahul Koul Koul | 0 Comment | 16 Jan, 2014

    "Children who are poor, hungry and living in remote areas are most likely to be visited by these "forgotten killers" and the burden placed by pneumonia and diarrhoea on families and health ...Read more

  • FUJIFILM SonoSite's Technological Advancements expanding the prospects of point-of-care ultrasound in India

    Special |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 30 Nov, -0001

    Use of ultrasound in assessment of shock has proven to be a valuable and rapid tool for aiding non-invasive diagnosis and determining patient care. Rapidshock assessment in critical patient...Read more

  • The Obama effect on stem cell research

    Special |  News | 0 Comment | 05 Dec, 2008

    New Page 1 The Obama effect on stem cell research After a thumping victory over Senator McCain, President-elect Barack Obama has fuelled hopes and ex...Read more

  • Sartorius Stedim India on expansion mode

    Special |  News | 0 Comment | 08 Jul, 2009

    Sartorius Stedim India on expansion mode Sartorius Stedim Biotech focuses on single-use technologies and value-added services to meet the rapidly changing technology require...Read more

  • EU to have substantial presence at BIB 2014

    Special |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 31 Jan, 2014

    Bangalore: One of the highlights of this year's Bangalore India BIO (BIB 2014) is going to be the presence of a large delegation from the European Union. BIB will act as a platform for both...Read more

  • The parliamentary report on GM Crops lacks vision

    Special |  News | 0 Comment | 05 Oct, 2012

    SaysProf. G PadmanabhanNASI-Chair and distinguished professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, The recent parliamentary committee report has concluded th...Read more