Saturday, 03 December 2022

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The past decade has witnessed steady growth and commitment of the Indian government in addressing issues like ‘self-reliance and self-sufficiency in all aspects of governance and decisions. While sops and subsidies were, indeed, crucial to many concerns of industries and stakeholders, key decisions and schemes were lacking, until numerous ‘Aatmanirbhar Projects’ were kicked off by the Centre. One such crucial initiative addresses the need for Bulk Drugs Parks in India, making the country less dependent on Chinese Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), providing more employment, and generating more revenue that will add to the country’s GDP. A laudable step has been taken with the launching of three Bulk Drugs projects across three states in the country, with an estimated time of completion set at 5 years. We shall take a closer look at what the project entails and seek expert views from a few industry stalwarts.

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