"Ensuring the safety of healthcare workers is paramount"- Rajesh Khosla

10 April 2020 | Views

Rajesh Khosla, President & CEO, AGI glaspac shares his views on the ongoing COVID-19 situation

"The government’s primary responsibility is the smooth supply of essential commodities. It includes ensuring its supply to everyone.  Due to shortages in supply, consumers may look at different service providers and explore options. The overall idea of a lockdown is to contain the public in a given area, and shortages in items will affect the lockdown.

The government must ensure that daily wage workers, labourers and contractors should be given enough schemes so that they do not face any major issues due to lockdown. Ensuring the safety of the workers is paramount, and proper sanitation in their residential areas, as well as awareness of hygiene and social-distancing, will help keep them safe.

Mobility of people working in the essential services may be difficult during the lockdown. Authorities must keep monitoring their health as frequently as possible. Authorities must let these workers travel easily with permits and safeguards in place as a majority of them travel between their residence and place of work.

Proper health equipment for all the people working in essential services, not only the healthcare sector is required. Due to the shortage of sanitary supplies, a lot of daily-wage workers, even delivery personnel don’t use proper equipment, and some of them have sanitary equipment of low quality. They may contract the virus. The government and other authorities must prioritise them over others who are already self-isolating at home as they can easily contaminate anyone or any place.

The government should also increase the sample size for testing Covid-19. Earlier, testing was done on random samples. They should also keep mapping and updating the vulnerable areas which will help them in finding out the susceptible persons. The citizens should also be brave and responsible enough to report that they show symptoms of the virus. This will allow government to improve their scanning procedure."


- Rajesh Khosla, President & CEO, AGI glaspac


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