2020 has been a challenging year in terms of global health.

26 November 2020 | Views

The Medical Benefits Associated with Living in Developed Nations

Image Source : hr.uark.edu

Image Source : hr.uark.edu

As countries continue to reel from the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are witnessing striking disparities in terms of infection and death rates between certain regions. This once again highlights the fact that levels of healthcare will ultimately impact our quality of life long after the pandemic subsides. In some ways, this subject has been touched upon to an extent in the past.

The team at Lucky Nugget online casino took the time to collate a list of the "luckiest countries" to live in. Metrics included cost of living, access to nature, culture, and population. Still, taking access to healthcare into account is a factor which cannot be overstated. What are some of the most profound medical benefits associated with living in first-world countries? Let us take a closer look at why some nations appear to be light-years ahead of others.


Knowledge is Power

One primary difference is the simple fact that the populations of wealthy nations can generally enjoy nearly universal Internet access. Thus, they have the ability to research the symptoms associated with a specific ailment in order to determine whether a professional diagnosis is required. This type of proactive stance can help to prevent small issues from evolving into major health crises.

A Greater Per Capita Income

It is no secret that some medications and treatments can cost significant amounts of money (even for those who may already have a health insurance policy in place). Citizens with a higher per capita income can therefore afford such treatments without placing an unnecessary amount of strain upon their bank accounts. The same cannot be said for nations known for underdeveloped healthcare systems and where medical costs are extremely high due to sheer demand.

More Trained Medical Professionals

Many younger medical professionals are flocking to developed nations such as the United Kingdom and the United States. This partially arises from the simple fact that there tends to be more room for advancement. Also, working within such environments provides the opportunity to obtain hands-on clinical knowledge. So, living within a developed country will provide patients with more access to vital treatments when they are needed.

Dietary Considerations

Those living within developed countries enjoy a richer and more diverse diet. Of course, this can be taken to an extreme (such as when considering the obesity epidemic in the United States). It is still a fact that access to healthy foods is normally not an issue. Other concerns such as quality control are likewise kept in check due to stringent regulatory guidelines. Citizens are therefore much more likely to receive vital nutrients that are required on a daily basis.

It nonetheless needs to be highlighted that even the most advanced nations on the planet still have issues with their existing healthcare protocols. It is hoped that poorer communities will be provided with the means to advance their current infrastructures so that they can better care for their citizens in the future.


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