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27 August 2019 | Views | By Ankit Kankar

How to Boost Business Growth Multiplier?

Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

We all are familiar with the Digital Marketing trends and its various disciplines where content marketing, social media marketing, mobile advertising, PPC and many others, play a vital role in shaping the advertising industry years ahead.

The progressions and advancements can’t come to a halt where, today, digital trends have inclined more towards customer experience, data, personalization, consumer interest, and a lot more. The marketing mantra to be followed is Educate, Entertain and Engage in a fast and furious way and a “Video” does it all.

Keeping an exception of 3%, 97% of marketers agree that a visual description of a product/service helps to raise user understanding. More than half the proportion of the business owners stand by saying Video Marketing helps to earn the best ROI. 

The Digital Marketing industry can’t be imagined without Videos. Video and its forms are here to stay for long where many social platforms have been quick to adjust them( like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)


Stand Out with Video Marketing


Everyday changes occur, and something new is invented. If realized, people have changed their mode to look for information, find new brands (products/services), make a purchasing decision, etc. 


Gartner says, “ Websites supporting visual and voice search are likely to witness more than 30% hike in their ROI by 2021.”   


Buyers don’t stay in a single lane and get laid by the one who engages with them in the most realistic and interactive way, irrespective of whether you are a B2B or B2C marketer. To be honest, if you don’t have a purposeful story to visually portray, like that of a one-in-a-million story, then you probably need to find another way out to stand out in the competition.


Video Promotion Types:

  • Video
  • Graphics
  • Compelling images
  • Original artwork
  • GIFs
  • Other visuals


One can take the help of any of these to boost your conversions, hike engagement rates and accelerate revenue as 53% of people engage with a brand after watching a video of the same.


Now, let’s just place our focus on how a business can market itself uniquely being out of the box and bring the most out of its campaigning efforts. Here are some recommendations and suggestions to follow:


# No, ‘Not just a Video’, it must possess a Purpose!

On  average, a consumer gets his inbox flooded with around 10,000 plus brand messages out of which, some put an effort to add a few visual elements which are more generic and lack context. This is no less than a risk where this attempt may turn off your prospects without even onboarding them on your digital journey.


“A Video must possess a Purpose to deliver desired results!”


Something that looks original isn’t enough anymore. Your video story must educate the viewers in an entertaining way and portray the real purpose of branding with a storytelling rigor. Humans are visual learners where nearly 65% of the masses are inclined towards visual learning which assures that consumers can retain more and recall better from the visual content.

# Portray a ‘TRUE’ Video Story and Strategy

A visual that is created must be TRUE. By saying True, I mean something different.


T: Targeting

R: Relevant

U: Unique

E: Engaging


You all might agree with the TRUE abbreviation. Targeting ensures that your video and its content maps well with the buyer’s journey, Relevancy assures that you are not out of the track and display the meaningful even with the limit restrictions. Uniqueness is what makes out how you be different from others so that a viewer must pick you instead of your competitor and Engaging is the real goal which needs to be acquired as if you can hook up the viewer for more than 10s your video may succeed bringing you leads and customers.


Apply the TRUE strategy in a true sense as you are not merely competing against similar products/services but against other businesses to stay ahead and be visible. 


Video Marketing is a discipline of digital marketing which is setting the stage on fire and is ready to dominate the industry with its breakthrough results. Various video forms can help you solve your different motives. One can look upon animated explainer video, whiteboard video, 2D animation, 3D animation and much more.


The marketing domain is upgraded with all-new features, disciplines, and strategies, adjusting well in different business types. There are many video production experts who can help you out bringing the best out of your business promotion. 

# Google Loves Video

It's undeniable if I say that the Videos are great at conveying messages in an effective way than text and images as a visual data can hit a human brain nimbly at all the right places, and luckily at the right time. They make communication efficient and smooth that achieves the goal of digital marketing as a whole to spread your message across.

Videos can do a lot when well optimized and perfectly aligned with the goal of SEO. Businesses embedding videos on their sites have an upper hand over others as they increase their chances of getting ranked high on search engines by the proportion of 53% where they can even  enhance their conversion rates by 80%, which is a great percentile.

# The Video Length

“Audience engagement is inversely proportional to the Video Length.”

Nowadays, to have a catch hold of people’s attention is no less than a hard nut to crack. What do you do first when you encounter a video notification of Facebook feed or any other favorite application? Is it that you directly open the video? No, no ways. You check its length, see whether it's worth your time and then press play. 

The video length is one of the influencing factors to attract prospects, the lengthy the video the more chances are there that the lead will be lost. 

What if the length of the video is two minutes, is that time enough for covering all the aspects of the story?

Whatever medium you choose, make sure that you consider the fact, where your potential lead will encounter your story, and how quickly can you get them engaged within it and what do you want your viewer to do after they have seen your video.


For a detailed understanding, check out a well explained HubSpot post on ‘How Long a Video must be?’.



Videos will Dominate and Infographics will Rule!

Without any traces of doubt businesses will incline towards embedding videos in their emails, posts, brand ads, social media and much more to appeal online and be a step closer to their target audience.

Visual elements and visual search ain’t going anywhere soon, instead are the trending fields of marketing and technology which are taking grounds where any business cannot afford to miss investing in videos and its other types.

Digital Marketing today isn’t only restricted to making a profit but it is to go beyond the traditional norms and make a breakthrough in the industry by being more rational and visible where video marketing aims to fulfill the same.

A 30s video clip can do wonders and enhance your growth index with a 10x multiplier. 

Get Set Video! 


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