The everlasting trend of reconstructive procedures

15 July 2022 | Views

Advancements in plastic surgery can only happen once we streamline, minimise risk and make surgical and cosmetic procedures convenient and affordable. An insight by Dr Karishma Kagodu, Owner & Founder, Dr Karishma’s Aesthetics

Plastic surgery derives its name from the Greek word plastikos, which means malleable or mouldable. It is a common misconception that the word plastic in plastic surgery means artificial. The process involves both reconstructive as well as aesthetic procedures and is used to enhance a person’s appearance or reconstruct tissue defects caused by trauma and illness.


Plastic surgery has rapidly become one of the most demanded surgical procedures across the globe. While its primary goal is to restore skin function and appearance, plastic surgery is distinct from cosmetic surgery, which is performed solely to alter a person's appearance to achieve what they consider more desirable. The last few years have witnessed the emergence of minimally invasive procedures, that can be executed in a mere minute with almost zero recovery time. The invention of micro devices allows for minute incisions that cause little to no scarring. The continuous advancement of technology in this field has generated safer and superior results. The surgical procedure requires considerable skill in artistry apart from quality training and experience in medical practice. A good plastic surgeon, apart from being highly qualified, should be capable of modifying their treatment to suit the patient’s requirements. 


While the pandemic witnessed a fall in the demand for plastic surgery procedures, extensive usage of video call meetings sparked a revival in facial-focussed plastic surgery trends including rhinoplasties, facelifts, eye lifts, etc. Facial rejuvenation to alleviate self-consciousness in one’s appearance saw a rise as in-person interactions resumed. The year also witnessed a rise in demand for body contouring procedures and liposuction. Gynecomastia correction, or the reduction of breast tissue in men, has also become increasingly popular. 


With such progressive advancements in the industry, one can only look forward to the leaps we will take to streamline, minimise risk and make surgical and cosmetic procedures convenient and affordable. The latest milestone in this field was celebrated by the association of Plastic Surgeons in India as they released a statement announcing that 15th July, previously known as National Plastic Surgery Day, will now be recognised as World Plastic Surgery Day. Let's recognise the importance of World Plastic Surgery Day by acknowledging and appreciating the service of those who have helped in the process of not just a medical marvel, but an everlasting trend. 



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