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Regulatory reliance and desk-top inspections – The new normal?

Will your next regulatory inspection be a desk-top one? Hear from former FDA and MHRA staff how Drug Regulators are doing this and how you need to be ready for your next inspection.

Date: 24th June 2020 Time: 03:00 - 04:00 PM


Former FDA and MHRA regulators will discuss how regulators are needing to employ desk-top inspection programs during the pandemic and also for the foreseeable future. They will also explain how Regulators are utilizing greater reliance on the work of other Regulators, and will also present on some key considerations to take to prepare your company for a desk-top inspection.

What do participants get from attending?

  • Greater understanding of how Regulators are using desk-top inspections to make regulatory decisions
  • Learn practical steps to take to help prepare your company for a desk-top inspection
  • Understand how Regulators are sharing their inspections findings with each other
  • Gain an insight into how Regulators will restart their on-site inspection programs in the future

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