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Positivity in hepatitis most common in age group of 16 to 30 years: SRL study

29 July 2022 | News

Hepatitis E (21 per cent) was reported highest followed by Hepatitis A (18 per cent)

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Image Credit: Shutterstock

SRL Diagnostics has released Hepatitis Day Study on the ocassion for World Hepatitis Day. A total of 4719 consecutive,  anonymised samples were selected and analysed wherein tests for all four hepatitis viruses were done in one person in one go. There were 37 per cent of samples from females and 63 per cent from males. The most crucial screening and/or diagnostic tests for viral hepatitis viz. Hepatitis A IgM Antibodies, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, Hepatitis C Antibodies, and Hepatitis E IgM Antibodies were considered in the analysis.

The report states:
1.       Excluding the confounding factors like grey zones and indeterminate results, 1 in 5 samples suspected of hepatitis tested positive for either of the hepatitis virus (A, B, C or E)
2.       Positivity for hepatitis virus  was most commonly seen in the age group 16 to 30 years
3.       More samples were received from males as compared to females who also showed a higher test positivity;  males (20 per cent) tested positive for viral hepatitis than females (15 per cent).
4.       Hepatitis E (21 per cent) was reported highest followed by Hepatitis A (18 per cent).
5.       Hepatitis A was the most common in children whereas Hepatitis E was most prevalent in adults.
6.       Males were found to be affected predominantly with Hepatitis E (46%) while females were majorly affected by Hepatitis A (43 per cent).
7.       Among major cities, the most prevalent hepatitis in Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata was Hepatitis E (39, 66 and 51 per cent respectively).


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