ICMR approved AG Instalume by Agappe can detect Omicron variant

03 December 2021 | News

The platform RT-LAMP was introduced in India by Agappe Diagnostics since 2020

Ernakulam-based Agappe Diagnostics' AG InstaLume, the rapid molecular diagnostic confirmatory test solution for COVID-19 strains, can detect all the 13 major variants of the globe such as, ο (Omicron) strains of South Africa, μ (Mu) strains of Colombia, λ (Lambda) strain of Peru, κ (Kappa) strain of India, ι (Iota) strain of America, Θ (Theta) Strain of Philippines, η (Eta) strain from multiple countries, ζ (Zeta) Strain of Brazil, ε (Epsilon) Strain of USA, δ (Delta) strain of India, γ (Gamma) strain of Brazil, β (Beta) Strain of South Africa, α (Alpha) strain of UK (source WHO -Label detection About reactivity Mutant strain confirmed by Infectious Disease Research Institute).

As per the reports received, all corona variants of concern and variants of interest are well detected by the AG InstaLume and it was found that the reactivity is equivalent to conventional strains.

RT-LAMP can detect the Nucleocapsid(N) gene and RNA dependent DNA polymerase (RDRP) gene. The platform has been introduced in India by Agappe Diagnostics since 2020. AG InstaLume, approved by ICMR and the government can detect Omicron strain, the latest variant in limelight. 


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