International Conference on Advances in 3D Cell Culture

10 January 2024 | News

Each year, millions of animals are sacrificed for preclinical drug testing. 3D cell culture models can effectively mimic in-vivo physiology and thus serve as good alternatives-to-animal testing. Intrigued? Keep reading!

Traditionally, preclinical studies have been conducted using a combination of in vitro testing methods like 2D cell culture assays and animal models. However, more than 90% of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics that clear preclinical testing cannot make it past the early stages of the clinical trials. Thus, recently the FDA Modernization Act 2.0 was passed to encourage  alternative-to-animal methods like 3D Cell Culture models for preclinical studies. It is time that now we as a society take steps prevent or at least reduce animal cruelty as much as possible [1, 2, 3].

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To promote awareness about these models, the second edition of the Advances in 3D Cell Culture Workshop and Conference is being organized by the Institute of Chemical Technology, on 02 – 03 February 2023 in Mumbai, India. The first edition of this event was conducted digitally in 2022 which received an overwhelming response. That inspired us to plan the second edition on a larger scale and and in offline mode. 

The organizing group is highly enthusiastic and inspired to promote alternative-to-Animal Models in research and testing. The group, called Nanomedicine research group (NRG), is led by Dr. Prajakta Dandekar Jain and Dr. Ratnesh Jain, professors at ICT. Dr. Prajakta is an expert in in-vitro cell models with extensive experience in 3D Cell Culture techniques like Organ-on-chip models, 3D Bioprinting, organoids and spheroids, etc.

The event encompasses two segments, viz. a hands on training workshop from 29th January to 1st February at the Institute of Chemical Technology-Mumbai followed by the International Conference on 2nd and 3rd February at Taj The Trees hotel in Mumbai. Click here to view the event modules.

The hands-on training workshop will span over four days, with the first two days being conducted in collaboration with Azar Innovations, a group of organ-on-chip expert trainers from the Netherlands, their first overseas training event in India. The third day will focus on organoid development and 3D bioprinting techniques. The fourth day will be conducted on the NIRRCH campus in Mumbai on High content imaging and GLP in 3D Cell Culture techniques. The workshop will be interspersed with detailed talks by international speakers, fun and exciting quizzes and games and will conclude with a certificate distribution ceremony. The workshop sponsors include BIRAC, DST-SERB, Merck and Revvity. The workshop is organized with the intent to make the participants not only well-versed in the 3D Cell Culture techniques, but to also provide them with the knowledge of its applicability in industry. 

The International Conference on Advances in 3D Cell Culture spans a total of 2 days and will be held at Taj the Trees Hotel. The conference will consist of speaker sessions and panel discussion by esteemed academicians and industry representatives. Also being organised are sessions providing a stage to the flourishing start-ups and pioneering CROs working in the 3D Cell Culture domain. The conference will also provide a platform to the youth working in the 3D Cell Culture domain to present their revolutionary work that will ultimately contribute to a cruelty-free tomorrow. Additionally, this conference will provide an opportunity to network with the leading industries and service providers in the field of 3D Cell culture. Click here to view the Conference agenda.

Such an extensive and advanced 3D Cell culture workshop and conference is being conducted for the first time in India. With this pioneering event, it is expected that more and more events will be conducted on innovative techniques and models to promote alternatives-to-animal models. Join this one-of-a-kind event and further your knowledge about the groundbreaking technology that is 3D Cell Culture!


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