OncoDynamiX launches cancer treatment solutions in South Asia, Africa, Latin American countries

05 October 2022 | News

OncoDynamiX uses NEOTOX and ONCEMBLEX to treat cancer

Image credit: yandex.com

Image credit: yandex.com

Bengaluru-based OncoDynamiX, with an aim to provide tailored treatments and advanced technologies for cancer treatment, will help global patients from Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America to get information on getting screened for cancer, survival rates of different cancers, diagnosis tips, and more.


OncoDynamiX uses two platforms to target cancer treatment. NEOTOX is a novel, novel data-driven methodology for pragmatic precision medicine, which is a non-next generation sequencing (NGS) route to personalised cancer therapy. The technology predicts the clinical outcome of a cancer patient to specific cancer to specific drug or combination of drugs and validates in a 3D environment in the lab before summarising to each patient.


ONCEMBLEX is a genomics-driven methodology for precision medicine in cancer. The workflow utilises cutting-edge protocols in NGS for an exhaustive set of genes relevant to cancer– be it known, targetable signatures, or drivers and passengers of unknown significance. The technology enables to pinpoint the best drug or combination of drugs with maximum therapeutic benefit.


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