Roche Diagnostics India launches heart failure test for diabetics as point-of-care device

10 April 2024 | News

Offers faster testing, early risk identification, thereby improving disease management

Roche Diagnostics India has announced the launch of its point-of-care NT-proBNP test for screening diabetes patients who are at risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) such as heart failure (HF).

This breakthrough innovation is designed to bring testing closer to clinics and revolutionise patient care. The claim extension of the NT-proBNP biomarker, available exclusively on the cobas h 232 system, aims to provide faster, more efficient diagnosis and management of HF in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D).

Although diabetes is a global health concern, its burden is more evident in developing countries like India. 

Diabetes is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Patients living with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing CVD: up to 46% of diabetic patients will develop CVD in their lifetime which is responsible for about 50% of mortality in T2D patients. Moreover, statistics indicate a staggering 30% of diabetic patients develop HF during their lifetime. Individuals with T2D and HF face up to an 8x increased risk of death compared to those without HF. Despite the number, approximately 80% of HF cases are only diagnosed following acute hospitalisaton, despite patients experiencing symptoms up to five years prior. 

The challenge lies in the non-specific symptoms of HF, which often remain undetected until advanced stages. Recognising this critical gap, Roche Diagnostics India's NT-proBNP test on the cobas h 232 system facilitates early detection (screening) and intervention, enabling clinicians to identify high-risk T2D patients and initiate timely treatment discussions.



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