Healthium Medtech launches new wound dressing portfolio

10 October 2022 | News

A patented dressing product for the management of chronic wounds like diabetic foot ulcers

Bengaluru-based Healthium Medtech has launched a new wound dressing portfolio Theruptor Novo for the management of chronic wounds like diabetic foot ulcers and leg ulcers. With the launch of Theruptor Novo, Healthium strengthens its existing portfolio of patented products in the advanced wound dressing segment.

The lifetime risk of a person with diabetes having a foot ulcer has been reported to be as high as 25%. India witnesses almost 1 lakh registered amputations today due to complications of unmanaged diabetic foot ulcers. The treatment of foot ulcers is painful and costly. 

Theruptor Novo is an anti-microbial and non-toxic wound dressing with technology patented in US, India, EU and Canada. This product works on a physical kill mechanism of attract, bind and rupture formula – a patented technology that minimizes the development of resistant microbes and aids in the healing process.

The entire dressing has positively charged cationic sites, which attracts the negatively charged microbes and ruptures their cell walls effectively, thus achieving anti-microbial protection. The anti-microbial technology is non-interfering and it doesn’t enter into the wound bed, making it persistent and effective for up to 7 days.

Dr Ashok Moharana, Chief Medical Officer, Healthium Medtech says, “The unique 3-D Hydrocellular substrate enables wicking action facilitating adequate exudate and moisture management and provides an optimal wound healing environment.”



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