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‘Lock Out’ pain through Combiflam® Plus’ newest digital campaign #LockdownWaaliLife

08 May 2020 | News

Combiflam®’s recent social media campaign takes on a quirky route to highlight the mental agony and physical pain of maintaining work-life balance during the lockdown

image credits: sanofi

image credits: sanofi

Combiflam®, India’s most trusted pain relief brand took on an unusual and quirky route to promote Combiflam® Plus – its OTC variant for headache relief. Roping in influencers across Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, the campaign highlights the struggles and tussles of working-from-home and working-at-home, both at the same time. The campaign aims to connect with millennials who spend a fair share of their time on these channels.

Popular influencers like Bharti, Shehnaaz Gill, Hina Khan, Sristhy Rode, Ishita Dutta, Sunny Chopra, Faisu, Awez Darbar and Sonam Gill are amongst the many who are creating and uploading humourous home-videos that capture the dilemma of leading an indoor life for a generation that has never had to do so before. The campaign has also extended reach through several posts and banner advertisements on the same theme, across various social media platforms.  The campaign is expected to garner a total reach of more than 24 million.

Needless to say, the videos also convey an appeal to its viewers to maintain social distancing, stay at home and stay safe.

Speaking about the campaign, Nikhilesh Kalra, General Manager, Consumer Healthcare, Sanofi, said, ““No amount of messaging on how to stay safe during this pandemic is enough. Everyone has received the strong and serious messages from the Government, news and social channels.  However, this has required a lot of adjustment and consequent physical and mental pain for us. Many of us are not used to doing household chores along with the rigour of working-from-home or studying-at-home or whatever-at-home. Combiflam® Plus understands the pain that Indians go through in their day to day life. This campaign demonstrates this understanding. In a light and humorous ways, we are telling everyone that while we may not be able to make all the lockdown related pains go away, for any physical pain Combiflam® Plus is always there for you.”

Elaborating on the campaign, Elizabeth Dias and Srreram Athray, Group Creative Directors, Ogilvy said, “Combiflam® Plus stands for pain relief. And with the lockdown in place, everyone is experiencing pain of varying kinds. So, we thought it would be a good idea for the brand to help relieve some of this pain through a bit of humour and empathy. When we all go through the same pain, we can discuss it and have some fun. Since traditional media was currently out of question, we used some entertaining people and social media to take the message into everyone’s homes.”


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