What to Expect From Your Home Solar Power System

29 October 2021 | News

The depletion of these helps in the reduction of respiratory and cardio health issues. Solar energy creates clean, renewable power from the sun and in turn, benefits the environment.

Image Source : ahs.com

Image Source : ahs.com

If you are a homeowner and have been contemplating installing a home solar power system on your property, we hope you have factored in the various benefits associated with the same. In case you haven’t or are only aware of some of the many benefits that home solar systems offer here’s a list of benefits that you will receive if you go solar.

Reduced Carbon Footprint


One of the most important benefits of going solar is that it helps reduce carbon footprint. That’s because solar energy has an amazingly low carbon footprint. Home solar power systems produce energy through the photovoltaic process that has significantly lower environmental impact as compared to the energy produced by conventional fossil fuels. So if you care for the environment and would like to contribute to a greener future, then you must surely consider installing a home solar power system on your property. 

Slashed Electric Bills


Worried about the rising electricity rates?  Or want to get rid of those big fat energy bills? Harnessing solar energy can help you do just that.  By installing a home solar power system, you generate energy for free. And in case you are thinking how you would power your home during the nights or on days that are cloudy you can install solar batteries to store the extra energy produced during the daytime which can later be used during the night. You may also go for a bi-directional net meter that sends excess units of energy to the local grid and the same can be offset in your monthly bill.  

Complete Peace of Mind 


If you experience long and frequent power shedding in your area and want to stop depending on your local grid for your power requirements you should go solar. Depending upon the frequency and duration of power cuts in your area, you may choose between a grid-tied (or On grid), and an off-grid solar power system. If you live in an area where power cuts are rare, you can go for an on-grid solar power system that is connected to your local grid. So whenever there’s a power outage or the solar panels aren’t producing enough energy, the grid tied solar power system draws energy from the local grid. Similarly, a property with an off-grid solar power system has no connection to the local grid whatsoever and it only relies on solar panels and solar batteries for its energy fulfillment. 

High Return on Investment


Installing a home solar power system seems like a very big initial investment. But rest assured that installing a home solar power system can help you reap great returns on your investment. 

That’s because the initial amount you spend on installing a home solar power system gets recovered in the first 4 to 5 years itself through the savings that you make on your monthly energy bills. Once you breakeven the amount you save on your electricity bills is the return that you make on your initial investment. Don’t you think it’s a great idea to go solar then?


Bring Home the Best Solar Power System 

Now that you know the various benefits of installing a home solar system you must get one installed without much ado. Just make sure you buy from a trusted brand such as Luminous that offers a wide range of on-rid, off-grid and hybrid home solar solutions.


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