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FUJIFILM SonoSite's Technological Advancements expanding the prospects of point-of-care ultrasound in India

30 November -0001 | News | By BioSpectrum Bureau

FUJIFILM SonoSite's Technological Advancements expanding the prospects of point-of-care ultrasound in India

Use of ultrasound in assessment of shock has proven to be a valuable and rapid tool for aiding non-invasive diagnosis and determining patient care. Rapidshock assessment in critical patients can be challenging for even seasoned clinicians. Moreover, the accompanying high morbidity and mortality means that accurate decision making is imperative. However, many acute care physicians globally are not trained in their medical curriculum on use of ultrasound in delivery of patients care.

Dr. Diku Mandavia, Senior Vice-President, Chief Medical Officer, FUJIFILM SonoSiteInc. shared, "patients in shock have high mortality rates; therefore, diagnosis and initial care must be accurate and prompt to optimize patient outcomes. India is adopting latest technologies and point-of-care ultrsound technology hs been gradually integrated into emergency and criticalcare departements."

India's first international workshop on use of ultrasound in assessmonet of shock is a pioneering initiative by FUJIFILM SONOSITE to train acute care physicians on effective use of point-of-care ultrasound techniques in shock assessment and identification of potential causes of shock, and resulting patient management and care. The training program includes a combination of hands-on-ultrasound training, lectures by leading experts on shock assessment and, pre-course teaching materials.

"Point-of-care ultrsound has transformed the way we manage critically ill patients by augmenting physicians' clinical skills with visually enhanced condition assesment, patient management and critical decision making. Dissemination of knowledge and skills on effective use of point of care ultrasound in acute care is of paramount importance in providing quality of care when it matters the most," said dr. Sanjeev Bhoi, Associate professor of Emergency medicine, Emergency Medicine, JPN Apex trauma Center, All Inida Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi.

"Since 2006, we have had a mutually beneficial partnership with SonoSite India Pvt. Ltd. and havre conducted several high quality workshops on aspects pertaining to regional anesthesia and central venous access. These workshops have certainly disseminated knowledge among anesthetists on the utility of ultrasound guidance to improve precision and reliability of nerve blocks and venous access", said Dr. TVS Gopal, Director, Axon Anesthesia Associates, Dept of Anesthesia, Care Hospitals, hyderabad.

"The Academy of Regional Anesthesia of India has conducted three national conferences to educate anesthetists across the country of pertinent recent advance in this field, specifically, ultrasound guidance for nerve blocks, which is being hailed as the current gold standard," Dr. Gopal added.

FUJIFILM SonoSite considers physician education and training so critical in the use of POC ultrasound, that is integrated education and learning in its newest generation of point-of-care ultrasound : X-PorteT Ultrasound Kiosk being unveiled to India at this workshop. The kiosk integrates high-resolution ultrasound imaging synchromously with 3D animations that enable "any user, any time of day" to use POC ultrsound in patient management. This unique design was developed by SonoSite in partnership with Henry Ford Hospital Chair of Surgery Scott Dulchavsky, MD, phD who has pioneered medical training tutorials for astronauts.  Real-time learning on the product enables any and all members of a healthcare team-nurses, mid-level providers, and even a physician-hospital administrator-to be empowered to take advantage of X-Porte's high-performance visualization.

Speaking on the occasion, Pavan Behl, Director and General Manager - India & Middle East, FUJIFILM SonoSite India added "We believe that education and training combined with technical talent, critical decision making ability, and imagination together make point-of-care ultrasound a lifesaving tool and improving care delivery and patient satisfaction in India. For this purpose we have partnered with leading Indian institutions, associations and medical centres to provide point-of-care ultrasound training."






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