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11 August 2003 | News

Mustang chromatography capsules from Pall Life Sciences

Mustang chromatography capsules from Pall Life Sciences

Pall Life Sciences has come out with a product containing surface modified (PES) membranes with a polymeric coating that contains charged functional groups. These unique ion exchange membranes are called Mustang chromatography capsules. The PES membrane which is having 0.8 micron pores allow very large biomolecules such as plasmids, genomic DNA and viruses to access all the binding sites by direct fluid convection. This results in higher dynamic capacity for large molecules in comparison to traditional beads.

For more details, contact: pallpharmalab@pallindia.com

Pyrogent product line from Cambrex Chemicals

Pyrogent is a product of Cambrex Chemicals Pvt Ltd. Its unique patented method results in a lysate, which performs consistently lot after lot. While validating one will find that this gel clot lysate will deliver the expected end point. Its advanced formulation makes it specific to endotoxin. Non-endotoxin substances, such as LAL-RM (limulus amebocyte lysate reactive material) have been shown to cause gelation of other gel clot lysate formulations. Due to its enzymatic nature, the LAL reaction is dependent on pH. As a result, many products require pH adjustments prior to testing. The formulation includes a buffer. Therefore, many products will not need pH adjustments. This saves both time and money.

Email at: contact@cambrexindia.com

Glass flask-washing unit

Industrial Equipwash Inc., offers flask-washing unit for pharma and biotech industries. The machine is used for cleaning and sanitizing the external surfaces of glass flask. The flask to be washed is loaded manually on to the machine frame. The door is then closed to prevent the wash fluid from spraying outside. As an optional feature steam sterilization can be done for validating the flask.

For more details, contact: iewi@vsnl.net


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