Feminist global health policy critical in tackling health inequalities

08 March 2024 | News

Urgent need to break down the existing power systems and promote inclusive approaches in global health policy

image credit- shutterstock

image credit- shutterstock

An international group of researchers including a researcher from The George Institute for Global Health, India emphasised the critical need for a Feminist Global Health Policy (FGHP) in addressing existing power structures that hinder health equity worldwide. 

Through a recent study led by Hannah Eger from the School of Public Health at Bielefeld University, Germany who collaborated with an international group of researchers, and activists to emphasise the transformative potential of intersectional feminist approaches in reshaping health policies.

By encompassing holistic, inclusive principles, the FGHP aims to reshape health policies to be responsive to the most marginalised communities and individuals and seeks to advance the transformation of health systems to make them more resilient and better prepared for health risks. Critical considerations of power regimes, intersectionality and knowledge paradigms must be integrated into the framework.

The findings of the study identified meaningful engagement of community and awareness raising at all levels as pivotal components of a FGHP. Empowering communities and ensuring their involvement in decision-making can lead to more targeted and effective health interventions tailored to their specific needs. At the same time, awareness raising fosters understanding and empathy across diverse populations.

The research study’s findings, published in PLOS Global Public Health shed light on how power dynamics and intersectionality significantly impact health outcomes. The FGHP framework, developed through a participatory research approach, recommends for inclusive and responsive health policies that prioritize health fairness and reproductive rights.



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