BioSpectrum Ranking Survey: Rank 9: Bharat Biotech International

15 September 2016 | Features | By BioSpectrum Bureau

BioSpectrum Ranking Survey: Rank 9: Bharat Biotech International

Bharat Biotech International
Chairman & Managing Director: Dr Krishna Ella
Total Revenue: Rs 450 crore

Bharat Biotech International (Bharat Biotech) is an innovation leader and a multi-dimensional biotechnology company, specializing in product-oriented research and development, manufacturing and marketing of vaccines and biotherapeutics.
In a short span of less than 20 years, the company has 20 products in the market and about 50 patents showcasing innovation and dedication of the team.
Bharat Biotech clocked revenue of Rs 450 crore in the FY 15-16, against Rs 322.24 crore in the FY 14-15. Domestic sales contributed majority of the revenue with Rs 278.25 crore and exports contributed Rs 171.75 crore.

The company's inline portfolio contains vaccines for Hepatitis B (Revac-B), Hemophilus influenza (BioHib), Polio (BIOPOLIO), Pertussis, Tetanus (Comvac4-HB, Comvac5, Comvac3) Rabies (INDIRAB), Japanese encephalitis (JENVAC), Rotavirus (ROTAVAC) and typhoid fever (TypbarTCV). The biotherapeutic line of products comprises of BIOGIT, REGEN-D, SLVRGEN and ZELECT.

The firm had quite an eventful year in the previous fiscal. Some of the major activities include launch of rotavirus vaccine, ROTAVAC in Indian markets in April 2015; announcement of ZIKAVAC - first vaccine candidate against Zika virus in February 2016.

In March 2016, rotavirus vaccine was launched as part of the Universal Immunization Program.


The firm says, "Our focus has now expanded to work towards the development and manufacture of underutilized and new vaccines and to take up the challenge of emerging priority pathogens. These pathogens have a global impact and affect millions of people. We wish to continue to participate in the global polio eradication program by developing the Inactivated Polio Vaccine from Sabin's strains."
Apart from undertaking new projects the firm is also working to strive in the making of vaccines stable at ambient temperatures and thereby dispense with cold chain conditions in the transport and storage of vaccines. This would be of great importance to developing countries and disease affected endemic regions that do not have the necessary infrastructure to store vaccines.

Financially the firm is projecting 18 percent growth this fiscal.
Bharat Biotech is transitioning into newer markets such as adult vaccines and therapeutic vaccines. Diseases such as typhoid are relevant to adults and research work is currently underway. Introduction of therapeutic vaccine for typhoid is another pipeline project and a Human Challenge study is currently in progress. This would open up whole new avenues in both domestic and global markets. It would revolutionize the perspective of vaccine from being a preventive to a therapeutic product.


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