Making them feel at home

09 September 2013 | Features | By Rahul Koul Koul

Making them feel at home

The growth of the industry has resulted in company expansions and hence the work environment as a key employee policy has marked a sea change. It is now well recognized to be one of the critical parameters of employee retention. Therefore, providing the best work environment and empowerment of employees remains on the top priority of all the biotech companies. Besides concentrating on providing basic facilities, the companies with each passing year are adding new policies in order to keep the employees motivated.

Campus gets cozy

The actual place of work matters a lot for the employee. Therefore the companies have been giving special attention on creating centralized AC facilities at their office locations. Apart from regular facilities such as subsidized canteen facility, the focus is also being brought on improving the IT infrastructure as it is directly concerned with the performance of employees.

Reliance Life Sciences has made a lot of effort to create a conducive campus environment in terms of the architecture, landscaping, biological diversity and availability of various facilities that cater to requirements such as banking transactions, health and wellness, food and refreshments. The company has brought in the fun element within the ambit of its day to day functioning. According to Mr KV Subramaniam, Reliance Life Sciences, " RLS lays significant emphasis on creating a work environment conducive to productivity at campus. Besides providing the in-house cafeteria, there is a gymnasium, 24 hours tea/coffee vending facility and Auditorium and 24 hours round the clock in-house security. The campus has fun-filled activities like Mango Day, Rain Dance, World Environment day, Hobby Hours, festivals like Navratri, Christmas etc. The families of employees are encouraged to participate in Drishti Art and Essay competitions held at the campus."

Few companies provide the conducive environment to work tops our priority list. Besides offering healthy hygienic canteen facility, the employee engagement activities in the company includes the picnics, cricket matches, diwali celebrations, birthday celebrations and refreshment facilities in case of late sitting. Most of the companies offer sponsored picnics and gym facilities to employees. Few of them like Novozymes even provide paid vacations up to certain levels. Says G S Krishnan, Regional President, Novozymes, "For us the work life balance is important and we therefore give them all the facilities they deserve. From free snacks to picnics that are sponsored by us, we try to make them comfortable."

Almost every company provides the free transportation facilities to the employees for ensuring their safety. Besides the regular to and fro transport, the various firms provide the quality transport in case of emergencies and work beyond office hours. That includes the AC four wheelers for employees engaged in field work. Apart from that the flexible work timings to complete their assignments reduces the pressure over employees.

Eli Lilly has a generous leave policy for its 450+ employees to improve work life balance. In a year, an employee is entitled to almost 54 days off over and above regular weekends. The company has paternity leave of 5 days and adoption leave as well in its policy. Companies like Ankur Seeds feel that the USP of their employee welfare policies is that being a family run business, they provide an environment which makes employee feel that he or she is a part of the family. Ankur Seeds provide the two wheeler and four wheeler facility according to need and the level of employment."

According to G S Krishnan, Regional President, Novozymes South Asia, the major USP of Novozymes is being the employee friendly organization and giving employees an option to work from home in order to maintain a work life balance whenever required.

Focus on Health and Insurance

Apart from basic facilities such as good campus, transportation and the food, the companies also ensure that the employees remain safe while doing their respective jobs.The benefit package at Reliance Life Sciences includes group Mediclaim policy for self and family. Employees are also covered for accident and life insurance. On the similar lines, New delhi based CRO, Max Neeman International offers complete hospitalization group coverage to all its employees and their families to address any health related problems.

Eli Lilly has created an All India 24x7 helpline to provide medical assistance & guidance round the clock in case of an emergency. Eli Lilly provides the on site physician consultation. A physician has been contracted to provide in-house medical consultation for our employees. We also have regular communication on outbreaks/epidemics e.g. Bird Flu, Chikungunya, is carried out to ensure that employee is well aware of these medical conditions and also how to take care of themselves and their families.All employees at Mahyco are covered 24X7 against accidental death to the extent of 80 months gross emoluments.

Offering rewards

Various innovative forms of rewards and recognition of contribution is one of the key aspects in HR function. Besides the welfare policies for employees like career planning, competency development programs and rewards and recognition scheme, there are some policies which are unique to various companies. Among these is an opportunity for employees to go for higher education. Educational tie-ups with reputed institutes wherein employees are deputed for research fellowship program also lies on the top agenda of few major companies. The employees are also sent for the participation in national and international symposia to enhance their knowledge base.

To recognize and promote positive behaviors that support individual, Reliance Life Sciences has in place advanced diploma programs wherein the fresh graduates and post graduates are groomed by in-house faculties and are put to classroom training and on-the-job training. The company has also Rewards and Recognition program like "Employees of the Year", "Leaders of the Year", "Scholars of the Year" award that are given to those employees who complete higher education degree programs during the year. "We also have Monthly Retreats, a forum where the CEO shares business performance with the employees and the employees present on the latest developments in their functional areas. said K V Subramaniam, president and CEO, Reliance Life Sciences.


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