“The good part is life science and the healthcare sector is already welcoming women”

08 March 2022 | Features

On Women’s Day, in conversation with Nidhi Jain, Founder & CEO, KareXpert

What were the major challenges faced in 2021- on the professional and personal front, and how did you overcome those?

In 2021, as a world, we all were hit hard by COVID-19 second wave, which has enabled each one of us to think and act differently. Before 2020, we all learned to do business with mixed activities physical and online.  But after covid-19, we have learned how to enable everything online and learn new skills of leading everything online. But to my surprise, we came out pretty good, we became more productive, no travel cost from time perspective, no location limit to attend a meeting or event. 

But I personally and KareXpert as a company have become more location agnostic and more virtual from a working perspective which has created a new way of coordination. I am fortunate now to be part of the economy where there is no limitation on delivery. Healthcare IT sector is going through a disruption time and KareXpert B2B SaaS based software is becoming very attractive to ride this digitization wave with its 50+ pre-integrated module.


Any take-home message for all women achievers in the life sciences & healthcare sector?

Even being from a Software IT background, I am very attached to  this  sector as it touches human life.  The good part is life science and the healthcare sector is already welcoming women in terms of Nurses, Doctors and in other profiles of administrations and it requires diverse profiles to serve this sector. So there is no barrier to entry in this sector and this sector is growing exponentially as the government has put more focus on population health and  we as individuals are also becoming health conscious. 



About Her-

An engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Nidhi Jain is the founder of an artificial intelligence-led digital healthcare platform KareXpert, funded by Reliance Industries. KareXpert has emerged as Asia’s first and only company to digitise hospitals’ 100 per cent workflow with a single solution. For Jain, 2021 was challenging and fruitful as she was able to digitise the healthcare infrastructure in several tier-2 and tier-3 cities, empowering them to encounter the ongoing medical challenges including COVID-19, through her venture.



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