Wednesday, 08 April 2020

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  • Biopharma Freight in Asia: Growing Cost Pressures Drive Smarter Risk Management

    Premium Article |  Views | By Karen Reddington, President, Asia Pacific, FedEx Express | 0 Comment | 30 Jan, 2020

    As biopharmaceutical production accelerates in Asia, global manufacturers are becoming increasingly exposed to supply chain risks on Asian trade lanes. For those dealing with high-volume pr...Read more

  • Sartocheck® 5 Plus Filter Integrity Tester

    Premium Article |  Features | By Amit Khanna, Technical Manager – Separation Technologies, Sartorius Stedim India | 0 Comment | 09 Dec, 2019

    Sartorius introduced the very first Sartocheck® Filter Integrity Tester in 1980 and over a period spanning more than 3 decades, Sartocheck® Filter Integrity Tester evolved into an e...Read more

  • Enhanced Assurance of Supply (for Single-Use Bags)

    Premium Article |  Features | By Apala Banerjee Product Specialist- Fluid Management Technologies | 0 Comment | 01 Oct, 2019

    Apala is a microbiologist by training and has been involved in establishing Sartorius Stedim Biotech’s Fluid Management Technologies portfolio in the Indian biopharmaceutical market. ...Read more

  • Model predictive control of batch processes with Umetrics® Suite of Data Analytics Solutions

    Premium Article |  Features | 0 Comment | 09 Aug, 2019

    In the pharmaceutical industry, it is becoming increasingly clear that predictive process models and advanced analytics can be of enormous assistance in solving many of the unique challenge...Read more

  • Distinct perspectives on Life Sciences trends

    Premium Article |  Features | 0 Comment | 27 Aug, 2018

    Life Sciences is a constantly evolving field. Staying uo-to-date with these evolutions, especially for busy executives who carry expertise and interests on these grounds is a task, yet it i...Read more