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Mucormycosis emerging as new worry in COVID-19 world

09 March 2021 | News

Bharat Serums & Vaccines (BSV) is the first company in India to get a DCGI approval for anti-fungal medication Liposomal Amphotericin B, used for treating deadly mucormycosis

Source credit: Shutterstock

Source credit: Shutterstock

A potentially life-threatening fungal infection, mucormycosis can lead to severe complications such as brain infection, vision loss or even death if left untreated. The incidence of this invasive fungal infection has witnessed a sudden spurt in recent months, particularly among people who have recovered from COVID 19. Healthcare experts are terming it “a new worry” in the COVID-19 scenario.

Bharat Serums & Vaccines (BSV) is the first company in India to get a Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) approval for Liposomal Amphotericin B, the anti-fungal medication used in the treatment of mucormycosis. 

Caused by a group of moulds called mucormycetes, mucormycosis mainly affects people who are suffering from health complications such as uncontrolled diabetes, certain cancers or those taking medicines such as corticosteroids that lower the body’s ability to fight germs. The infection manifests itself through symptoms such as sinus congestion, headache, fever and facial swelling, swelling in the eyes and dark scabs in nasal cavities or mouth.

Vishwanath Swarup, COO, Bharat Serums & Vaccines notes, “BSV is indigenously developing and manufacturing the formulation of Amphotericin B including Liposomal Amphotericin B and Lipid Complex Amphotericin B – the anti-fungal medications that have been recommended for use in life-threatening fungal infections such as mucormycosis. ”

Dr Swashraya Shah, Chief Medical Officer, BSV, says, “Treatment of mucormycosis involves a combination of surgical removal of affected tissues and use of antifungal therapy, usually intravenous Liposomal Amphotericin B (LAmB). Several international clinical guidelines have recommended LAmB in the management of various invasive fungal infections including mucormycosis. A few recently published reports mention successful clinical recovery of patients suffering from mucormycosis following the treatment with LAmB.”

BSV is also marketing Liposomal Amphotericin B in India and exporting it to many other countries. Lipid complex Amphotericin B has also been recommended by international clinical guidelines for the management of IFIs including pulmonary aspergillosis. Lipid Emulsion Amphotericin B is recommended for the treatment of Visceral leishmaniasis. 

The condition most commonly affects the sinuses or lungs after fungal spores are inhaled from the air. However, it can occur in nearly any part of the body. Mucormycosis, which is increasing currently in the COVID-19 pandemic. If left untreated, this can result in a brain abscess, blindness or even death. 


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