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Paras Hospital opens free cancer care centre

09 May 2019 | News

In order to ease the economic burden on cancer patients, the hospital took this philanthropic step; the hospital shall provide food at a cost as low as 20 rupees

Paras HMRI hospital, Raja Bazaar, Patna has made arrangements to provide free accommodation to not just cancer patients being treated at its cancer centre but their relatives/acquaintances as well, within the hospital premises. The centre has been named Cancer Care Centre. The building was inaugurated by Dr D. Nagar, Managing Director, Paras Health Care. It is now open as a dormitory which houses 20 beds for both males and females. However, separate arrangements have been made for female patients. The centre consists of bunk beds with bed frames stacked on top of each other. Patients will be accommodated on the lower frames while their relatives will be able to occupy the upper frames of the bed. It has been ensured that the centre also has proper and hygienic washrooms. The arrangements have been made with intent to relieve patients of additional economic burden.

Dr. Talat Halim, Regional Director, Paras HMRI Hospital said, "At the centre, there are beds for patients as well as their relatives. However, there is no such provision to cook food inside the centre. The hospital shall provide food at subsidised rates, where each plate will cost a patient a meagre 20 rupees. One will be able to have rice, lentils and cooked vegetables twice a day (morning and night) at this cost." Dr Halim further added, "Radiotherapy and chemotherapy go on for long in the treatment of cancer. In such situations, it gets difficult for patients and their relatives to continue treatment. Hence, in order to help them cut down the additional cost, we have opened the centre. Patients will also be able to wash their own clothes as there is a facility for the same. Besides, arrangements will be made to increase the number of existing beds in case the number of patients increases."

Paras Healthcare was founded in 2006. The key specialties that are mainly focused in all units are - cancer care, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics & joint replacement, urology, nephrology, kidney transplant, cardiology, cardiac sciences, gastroenterology & GI surgery, general & lap surgery along with plastic surgery to list a few. Approximately each unit has at least 30 specialties and super specialties.


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