Mycord to create a large private pool of umbilical cord blood units

November 24, 2016   |   News

Unlike other private cord blood banks which store and allow access to an individual’s own cord blood


HGS, PD Hinduja Hospital to provide Advanced Mobile Health Units

September 28, 2016   |   News

HGS in partnership with P. D. Hinduja Hospital to provide Advanced Mobile Health Units to cater to Maharashtra’s


Let’s pledge to free India from deafness: Brett Lee

September 26, 2016   |   News

Commemorating International Week of the Deaf, Cochlear’s Global Hearing Ambassador strives for awareness


Cyagen Biosciences and Vivo Bio Tech partner to provide easy access to

September 12, 2016   |   News

Vivo Bio Tech is appointed as the Authorized Distributor of Cyagen Biosciences' complete product and

Labsystems Diagnostics & Shimadzu in a strategic alliance for newborn screening

September 7, 2016   |   News

NBS is a preventive pediatric screening service to assess the occurrence of genetic metabolic disorders


Start-ups: Deciphering the de-risking strategy

August 29, 2016   |   Features

In the entrepreneurial world, the ‘R’ word is the most hated word as much as it is popular


Veeda Clinical Research & Shimadzu collaborate to explore new avenues in

August 25, 2016   |   News

This collaboration will see the development of new analytical methods and also lead to improvement in


Industry Report on PM's Africa Visit

August 19, 2016   |   Features

The Prime Minister's first visit to Mozambique ended in a fruitful culmination, with Mr Modi seeing ‘a


Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital announces series of major investments

August 16, 2016   |   News

Introduces ‘EDGE’ radiosurgery system for the first time in South Asia


A gateway to European markets

August 4, 2016   |   Interviews

For Ireland, 70 percent of its business comes from the US; 20 percent from Europe, and the rest from

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