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Ghana, Kenya and Malawi to pilot GSK malaria vaccine from 2018

April 24, 2017  |   News

The injectable vaccine, called RTS,S or Mosquirix, was developed by British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline to protect children from the most deadly form of malaria in Africa


Oxford Cancer Biomarkers licenses rights to China for three colorectal cancer tests

April 24, 2017  |   News

Oxford Cancer Biomarkers (OCB) said it will expand the use of three of its in vitro diagnostic tests for colorectal cancer into China through a partnership with MBM.


Bacteriophages, natural drugs to combat superbugs

April 24, 2017  |   News

Viruses that specifically kill bacteria, called bacteriophages, might one day help solve the growing problem of bacterial infections that are resistant to antibiotic treatment.

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