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Wockhardt Hospital launches Diabetes Clinic in Mumbai

22 November 2018 | News

Diabetes is a growing challenge in India with estimated 8.7% diabetic population in the age group of 20 and 70 years.

With a growing number of diabetic patients in the country, there is a dire need for more clinics so that affected people are saved from Diabetes & Diabetes related problems. Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central a JCI & NABH Accredited hospitals in association with Wellthy Therapeutics a South Asia’s leading Digital Therapeutic Company has launched a “Diabetes Clinic”. Digital technologies suite for diabetes will be used to help people in treatment from the medical condition. The Launch had been followed by seminar for visiting patients with free check up of HbA1c test and diabetes camp.

Digital therapeutics, also known as “software as a drug,” involves the use of digital tools or systems to treat medical conditions. In digital therapeutics, digital technologies such as apps, devices and software are used to treat patients in the same way drugs, surgeries or medical devices are applied therapeutically. Digital therapeutics may be used as stand-alone treatments or as part of a broader treatment program that incorporates both digital and non-digital (conventional) therapies.

Diabetes is a growing challenge in India with estimated 8.7% diabetic population in the age group of 20 and 70 years. The rising prevalence of diabetes and other non-communicable diseases is driven by a combination of factors - rapid urbanization, sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy diets, tobacco use, and increasing life expectancy. India currently represents 49 percent of the world’s diabetes burden, with an estimated 72 million cases in 2017, a figure expected to almost double to 134 million by 2025. Diabetes prevalence has increased by 64 percent across India over the quarter-century, according to a November 2017 report by the Indian Council for Medical Research, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, both research institutes, and the Public Health Foundation of India, an advocacy.

Dr. Parag Rindani, Centre Head at Wockhardt Hospital, SOBO says, “Newly launched Diabetes clinic will be dedicated to provide accessible medical treatment for patients who seek aid with various problems related to diabetes. Our patients with chronic conditions like diabetes stand to benefit from continuous and real-time care provided by Wellthy Therapeutics' digital therapeutic suite, as we enable out-of-clinic extensions to our world-class in-clinic care to help our patients improve their health outcomes. Diabetes clinic will comprise of endocrinologist, Diabetic Foot Surgeon, Neurologist, internal medicine expert and other specialties.”

Dr Behram Pardiwala, Internal Medicine Expert, Wockhardt Hospital, SOBO says, “Lifestyle modification is the most important component of diabetes care. Patients who follow healthy diets, exercise regularly is better positioned to prevent other complications that result from mismanagement of diabetes.

“Our out-of-clinic clinically-validated digital therapeutic perfectly complements the state-of-the-art in-clinic care for patients with diabetes at Wockhardt Hospitals. We strongly believe that the combination will enable better patient outcomes and a better quality of life. We are excited to launch this partnership to augment care for all Wockhardt patients and stakeholders.” said Abhishek Shah, co-founder and CEO, Wellthy Therapeutics.



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