Linux for drugs

Seeking to create a world of affordable medicine for all, Tata Trusts has announced their support for the creation of the Open Source Pharma Foundation (OSPF) at OSP2, the 2nd Annual Global Open Source Pharma conference


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Held at Castle Rauischholzhausen in Germany, the OSP conference brought together researchers, NGOs, industry professionals, philanthropists and entrepreneurs who aim to create better, cheaper, and faster ways to bring novel therapeutics to market.

Open Source Pharma (OSP) is a concept inspired by the Linux model of operation.

In brief, crowdsourced, computer-driven drug discovery; IT-enabled clinical trials with open data; and generics manufacture.

In four words, Open Source Pharma is "affordable medicine for all." In three words it is,"Linux for drugs."

Adapted to tackling important public health challenges, it hopes to catalyze radical change in the way we do medical R&D and deliver better and more affordable innovation quicker and cheaper to patients.


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