Biocon: A nesting ground for biotech spinoffs

The name Biocon instantly conjures up as India’s top biotech company and its founder a business icon. The company has seen many accolades in its 36 years of existence.


Biocon has been an informal breeding ground for birthing innumerable biotech startups in the country

It has added one more feather to its cap by being the nesting ground to churn out new start-ups. It is an informal incubation lab for new spinoffs.

Biocon, without any hesitance, is the most sought after company for careers. It was ranked No 6 on the annual Global "Top Twenty Employers" list for the biopharma sector by Science magazine. Biocon is the only Asian company as per Science to be a part of the Top 20 Elite List which includes leading global innovators.

What is lesser known is the fact that the company has been a playground for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial spirit.

While BioSpectrum has recognized two of its former top executives, Shrikumar Suryanarayan, who was president R&D, and Ajay Bharadwaj, former president of marketing at Biocon, as BioSpectrum Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2012 and 2013 respectively, for their outstanding performances in their new roles as chairman and co-founder of Sea6 Energy and chief executive officer of Anthem BioSciences, there are almost another two dozen companies that have sprouted.

Many of its former scientists and employees who started with Biocon, have today ventured in to becoming full-fledged entrepreneurs with phenomenal success.

The lessons and invaluable experience gained at Biocon had played tremendously in steering many start-ups and business ventures in India. Some of them were even influenced to move out on their own through the irrefutable inspiration received from Biocon's CMD, Dr Kiran Mazumdar herself.

Dr Arumugam Muruganandam, founder, MD and CSO, Affigenix Biosolutions, pointed out, "In India, against all odds for the past 36 years, Dr Kiran has shown the knowledge, power, and possibilities that biotechnology unlocks. In my opinion, she is a visionary and a great role model for any scientist. Her inspiring speech on how she wants to transform Biocon in to a billion dollar company by 2015 is an unforgettable speech I heard while I was at Biocon."


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