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Allergan sheds light on early diagnosis of chronic migraine

02 June 2022 | News

Women are affected three times more than men

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Allergan, an AbbVie company, has shed light on the need for early diagnosis and specialised care for chronic migraine. Most people who are prone to migraines get a painful attack once or twice a month. But there is a more severe condition known as chronic migraine, in which an individual gets headaches more often. Chronic migraine lasts for 15 or more days in a month, for at least three months, and at least eight days which qualifies as a migraine headache day. It is the second most disabling condition worldwide. 


According to the International Classification of Headache Disorders, 3rd edition, headaches are classified into 14 categories with further subclassifications. It is therefore imperative to differentiate a Chronic Migraine from the rest. 


Interestingly, headache disorders, rank tenth for women, one level lower than gynaecological diseases, among global causes of disability-adjusted life years (DALY) and first for young women. 


Chronic migraine treatment starts with managing lifestyle changes such as adopting an exercise plan, managing stress, staying hydrated along with identifying headache triggers. It is important to keep a headache diary which is useful in recording details of your migraine attacks or headaches, such as possible triggers, duration and severity. This diary can prove helpful during a diagnosis.


Hence it is recommended that patients who frequently self-medicate with analgesics and painkillers to treat headache episodes, must contact a specialised neurologist early to avoid headache chronification and medication overuse headache disorders.



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