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Ozone therapy making greater impact in controlling COVID-19

24 March 2021 | News

Ozone Therapy is confirmed to boost antioxidants and can be a cure as well as immunity enhancer towards COVID-19

Ozone Forum of India, a brainchild of Bisleri Charitable Trust by Bisleri International has announced a revolutionary cure towards COVID 19 and post COVID 19 care helping patients to recover faster.

A total of 500 patients (including across various comorbid conditions) out of which 77% have recovered within 5 days and the rest recovered by the 8th day as per clinical trials conducted in mid-2020.

Ozone therapy has a greater impact in controlling the infection as patient suffers from various situations such as circulatory disorders which may lead to clotting or thrombosis, headaches, lung infection, body pain & breathlessness situations. Doctors recommended that ozone therapy should be taken upto 15 sessions after COVID 19.

This way immunity is enhanced and patients may rebuild antioxidants in their body thus regaining their eroded strength due to the infection.

Ozone Forum of India performed 2 important trials towards COVID 19 treatment. One was with Lokmanya Hospital in Pune and another with NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute, Mumbai.

Dr Mili Shah, President, Ozone Forum of India, Trustee, Bisleri Charitable Trust, says “In this crisis time of fighting the pandemic and its surge again, we need to integrate wisdom of conventional medicine with natural healing modalities. We are happy to announce that ozone therapy works well on COVID 19 patients as both our trial reports showed and most importantly it is also very cost effective. Its antimicrobial elements help patients to recover fast and also control the recurrence. Ozone Forum of India has been researching in this therapy since last 18 years and we are only pleased to share our insights to support this pandemic and for the interest of the larger humanity. Our objective is to reach out to more doctors and patients to be aware of Ozone Therapy and till now we have touched over 2400 doctors in the country who successfully believe and use this therapy.”

On the occasion of World Tuberculosis Day on 24 March, it was stated that integrative medicine mostly works on patients of tuberculosis who are given scientifically proven antibiotics leading to patients facing adverse drug reactions due to the antibiotics. Ozone Therapy used as ozonated water and saline helps patients to recover and in disappearance of pus, improving their general well-being. Most importantly, appetite improves for patients within 1 month and they regain their lost weight. Over 400 patients were administered ozone therapy till date in Mumbai and were helped to recover.

Dr Lalit Kumar Anande, Speciality in Drug Resistant, TB Complications & Anti-Oxidant Therapies says, “Tuberculosis causes deadly irreversible damages to the lungs. One of the common complications being Empyema (Pus in the Chest) which requires an insertion of Intercostal tube in the chest to drain the pus out into a drainage bag. Added to this, was the dreadful drug resistant TB that the patients suffer from along with the mental depression and various adverse reactions due to loads of antibiotics taken by the patient. It is in such mentioned multiple conditions where the patient’s survival rate is at its lowest point that we realised the very fast acting Antimicrobial, Antioxidant, Anti Inflammatory properties of Ozone therapy. Usage of Ozone resulted in reducing the pus infection, its foul smell, joint aches and improved appetite and overall comfort for patients.”

Reckless use of antibiotics for the treatment of TB is getting patients with multiple drug resistance (MDR). These incidences are rapidly increasing and Ozone Therapy can help to boost their antioxidant defence mechanism and even though patient is MDR and it shows results in improving their general well-being, appetite and weight.


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