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AIIMS completes evaluation of Biolog-id's Transfusion solution

05 November 2019 | News

For the management of red blood cells

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After first contacting almost 18 months and completing the preliminary phase, AIIMS (New Delhi, India) and Biolog-id (Paris, France) have a multi-phase evaluation protocol in the field of transfusion medicine, the Transfusion® solution from Biolog-id, successfully completed. The aim of this study was to validate the overall management and traceability of red blood cell concentrates, from the suitability of the blood product to patient transfusion, within this reputed facility. Following the successful completion of Phase 1, with independent inventory management of red blood cell concentrates using Biolog-id's Transfusion® solution, evaluation phases 2 and 3 began at the Central Bank in early September.

Phase 2 demonstrated the remote management of the inventory, as well as full traceability, and in real time, between the central blood bank and the emergency room. In particular, physicians were able to allocate and release RBC units using automatic updating of the database, thus avoiding any potential human error, be it in the assignment itself or due to loss of products due to decay or inadequate transport conditions.

The evaluation was completed during the third month of October with the implementation of the X-Match module by Biolog-id to ensure the last step in bedside transfusion. This total control from the product to the patient ensures the correct allocation of the products and thus the avoidance of possible transfusion errors, which could be fatal.

These three phases have now been successfully completed. Now, the application will be submitted to the administration, so that it can come through a formal process for the full implementation of Biolog-id's transfusion solution.


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