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Neo BioMed releases guide book on BioDetectors

29 December 2017 | News

The lag time between a biological attack and the appearance of symptoms in individuals exposed, to any bioagent could be devastating.

NeoBioMed Services recently released two guide books for the biodefence sector, titled:  Biodetectors in Defence and Chemical Detectors in Defence, at an event organized in New Delhi. Shri Y. S. Chowdary, Minister of State for Ministry of Science & Technology & Earth Sciences, was the Chief Guest at the book release event.

Biological Warfare Agents (BWAs) include bacterial agents, viral agents, rickettsiae and biological toxins. BWAs are capable of inflicting casualties over a large area with military effectiveness. Factors impacting their effectiveness may include use of novel agents that are not well characterized and for which there may not be vaccines or treatment. Decontamination may be difficult if deployed sensors cannot detect the agents utilized.

The lag time between a biological attack and the appearance of symptoms in individuals exposed, to any bioagent could be devastating. Many biological agents are contagious, and during this lag time, infected persons could continue to spread the disease, further increasing its reach. Early detection of presence of bioagents provides first level of warning about the potential danger. Rapid detection BWAs enable faster, efficient and tailored response as it uses new approaches to differentiate between biological infections of concerns and natural contaminants.

The book Biodetectors in Defence; Equipment and Accessories (A Guide Book) discusses the systems, equipments and technologies that have been under use for detection and identification of hazardous biological agents. The Book provides an exhaustive list of over 1300 gadgets, instruments, devices and technologies available from leading global providers.

The focus of the book Chemical Detectors in Defence; Equipment and Accessories (A Guide Book) is on commercially available equipment, instruments, and technologies available from leading global providers in areas of detection, personal protection and decontamination.

"The aim of these books is only to provide useful information about available equipment, technologies and resources to help end-users make informed decisions on technology procurement and use, providing them options best suited to meet their requirements", said Dr. Brij Mohan Gandhi, CEO and founder of NeoBioMed Services. He is also the editor of these books.

Dr. B M Gandhi retired in 2006 as Adviser to the Government of India, Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Biotechnology after serving the government for 17 years in various capacities managing promotion and policy issues in biotechnology. Prior to that Dr. Gandhi had been a Research Scientist at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi for about twenty years and was trained abroad at prestigious institutions like MIT, USA; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK; National Institutes of Health, Maryland, USA; and completed his doctorate from the University of Bergen, Norway.

 NeoBioMed Services is a Registered Partnership Firm incorporated in India in 2006, having its registered office in New Delhi, India and UK. The company has been engaged in providing technical, regulatory compliance, business support and technical services to Small and Mid-Size industries including Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine, Biologics, Diagnostic, Medical Devices, Allied Health Industries and biodefence industries.


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