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MedGenome unveils novel DNA test for all DR mutations in TB

08 August 2019 | News

Entering into infectious disease genetics and collaborating with XCyton Diagnostics

(L-R)- Dr VL Ramprasad, Dr B V Ravikumar, Dr V Ravi

(L-R)- Dr VL Ramprasad, Dr B V Ravikumar, Dr V Ravi

MedGenome Labs, leader in clinical data driven genetic diagnostics and drug discovery research in India, has developed ‘SPIT SEQ’,  the first Whole Genome Sequencing based test that can provide a detailed analysis of every single mutation present in any tuberculosis (TB) bacteria causing drug resistance (DR) directly from the sputum. This break-through will enable a doctor to quickly and accurately prescribe the most effective drug to a tuberculosis patient without a trial and error process, followed currently that takes a month.

This test has been validated with over 100 samples where it recorded with 100% sensitivity and 98.04 % specificity when compared with Line Probe Assay (LPA). 50 out of those samples were in association with P.D. Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Mumbai. A manuscript is under review for publication. 

“SPIT SEQ is a massive breakthrough that can help millions. This particular test not only brings accurate results but also saves a lot of time where TB treatment is concerned. In lines with India’s objective to counter TB effectively and quickly, we aim to benefit the last person living with TB today. The test is prices at Rs 7500 currently but we hope bring down the price later on. We have collaborated with the National Tuberculosis Institute and we will be studing 500-1000 cases for the next 1 year using SPIT SEQ.”, said Dr VL Ramprasad, COO, MedGenome Labs.

With the flagship test for tuberculosis ‘SPIT SEQ’, MedGenome Labs is entering into infectious disease genetics and collaborating with XCyton Diagnostics, Bangalore. This collaboration will boost integration of various genetic tests under infectious diseases available with XCyton through the network established by MedGenome Labs. These tests include eye infections, brain and blood infections. MedGenome will be the exclusive sales partner for all XCyton tests in India. “Infectious diseases remain a major challenge, leading to significant healthcare expenditure, for India. This partnership can act as a synergy in India’s quest against infectious diseases. MedGenome’s reach across India’s geography will prove to be pivotal in the success of integrating genetic testing in healthcare service segment while we at XCyton continue to be focused on research and development of current as well as new tests.” said Dr B V Ravikumar, Founder and Managing Director, XCyton Diagnostics Ltd.

XCyton Diagnostics's invention Syndrome Evaluation System (SES) allows for the immediate identification of multiple organisms inclusive of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Parasites. This SES tool was launched back in 2012 and has since then catered to 17000 patients.

"Although SES was initially intended to meet the diagnostic needs of clinicians, it became apparent after introduction into clinical practice that it is a powerful management tool  that can save lives, reduce morbidity and hospitalization costs”, said Dr V Ravi, Senior Professor and Head, Dept. of Neurovirology, NIMHANS.


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