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Sparsh Hospital launches Osteo Clinic

27 August 2019 | News

Clinic to address Critical Issue of Rising Osteoporosis among the Public

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SPARSH Hospital, one of the leading authorities on Orthopaedics, has launched its first fully-equipped, cutting-edge Osteoporosis Clinic in all its branches across Bengaluru. The move comes at a time when there are an increasing number of cases being reported on osteoporosis. The clinic intends to address the increasing rate of the condition among Bengaluru’s populace.

Termed an Urban Disease, Osteoporosis is a painful ailment which causes bones to go weak and fragile, making the person exposed to fractures, injuries and constant pain. It can start at an age as young as 25 years. Worldwide, osteoporosis causes more than 8.9 million fractures annually, resulting in an Osteoporotic fracture every 3 seconds.

Osteoporosis cases have been seeing a steady rise among middle-aged people, especially women. In a study conducted by International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) worldwide, 1 in 3 women over age 50 will experience osteoporotic fractures and among Indian women aged 30-60 years, Bone Mineral Density (BMD) was much lower. Spending on healthcare is also a major concern among affected families, particularly because once fractured, the person is said to be vulnerable to multiple injuries.

A recent survey done by SPARSH Hospital in Bengaluru discovered that less than 50% of the respondents were aware of Osteoporosis, its causes and impact on life. While a sedentary lifestyle, habits like smoking, drinking, using antidepressants, sedatives can all increase the risk of fractures and injuries, it could also be genetic, studies say. But early care is the key to preventing this ailment from affecting our day to day activities. Maintaining a Calcium and Vitamin D rich diet, exercising regularly, keeping habits in check and regular check-ups can really help keep this ailment at bay.

Dr. Sharan Patil, Chairman of SPARSH Hospital, said on the occasion, “Living longer, even beyond 100 years seems to be within the realm of modern medical possibilities. However, Osteoporosis, with its implications, seems to be a critical impediment for good quality of life. Fortunately, today’s medical science offers us great options of preventing and treating Osteoporosis. At SPARSH, we are launching a focussed, comprehensive clinic to take care of this dreaded condition of Osteoporosis which has become endemic. Preventing fractures due to Osteoporosis is a far superior option than treating one”

Dr. Saraswati Vishwanathan, a specialist in Paediatric Orthopaedics and pain management, will be heading the Infantry Road Unit. Dr. Lakshmi V Reddy and Dr. Naveen Tahasildar will be heading the Yeshwanthpur and Bommasandra units respectively.


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