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Number of patients opting for bariatric surgery soars in Bengaluru

21 March 2019 | News

Patients with diabetes, PCOD and Hypothyroidism most commonly elect bariatric surgery

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Bariatric surgery is increasingly becoming an option for Bengalurean patients with uncontrollable diabetes or other conditions like PCOD and Hypothyroidism. Gleneagles Global Hospital, Richmond Road reports having completed 70 bariatric surgeries in 18 months; the highest number of bariatric surgeries completed by a city hospital in bengaluru. Interestingly, this centre has demonstrated a 100% success rate in post-surgical results in bariatric surgery. The multi-disciplinary team of doctors provide comprehensive obesity treatment and is experienced in performing single incision bariatric surgeries that guarantee a scar less and painless surgery. 

Sedentary lifestyle is predominant amongst city dwellers. With minimal exercise and poor nutrition; obesity and associated conditions like diabetes are on the rise. bengaluru is presently known to have the 3rd highest diabetic population in India. Bariatric and metabolic surgery can be a useful approach in diabetic patients whose sugar levels cannot be controlled with optimal medical treatment. Doctors have noted that40 – 50% of the patients who approach them for bariatric surgery are diabetic. As demonstrated in many cases, these diabetic patients were able to completely stop their diabetes medication post-surgery.

A year ago, Dr Moinoddin and team operated on a 200 kilo patient with a BMI of 87. The patient had been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. He experienced difficulties such as obstructive sleep apnea, shortness of breath while walking short distances, constant pain in his knees and back and the presence of gall bladder stones. He suffered from severe lymphedema in both the legs due to which daily activities were challenging.  Doctors performed a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and lap cholecystectomy. The main challenge in this case was the high BMI, high visceral fat and heavy liver. This had caused technical difficulties and had also made intubation very problematic. The procedure has led to many benefits. The patient has lost 50 kgs in the last year and he no longer suffers from mobility issues or sleep apnea.

Dr Moinoddin G, Consultant Bariatrics & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon at Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Richmond Road, Bengaluru is an expert in the field. He has trained in various cities across India and countries like Korea, Taiwan and Belgium. He commented, “India suffers from the double burden of rising obesity and diabetes. Over 80 percent of diabetic cases are caused by obesity. Our burgeoning middle class opts for unhealthy eating, including processed food and snacks as well as fast-food. The obesity rate among teenagers is alarming because they are addicted to junk food and gadgets and tend to be physically inactive. Overseas patients seeking bariatric surgery is also increasing in numbers. This surgery is no longer merely a cosmetic procedure but could potentially save lives.”

Post-surgical period is a crucial time in the recovery of a bariatric patient. A positive environment inside and outside of the hospital where the patient feels comfortable is an important factor. At Gleneagles Global Hospital, Richmond Road, the centre hosts quarterly support group meetings which essentially unite patients who have undergone the surgery with patients who are considering opting for the surgery. This helps not only to alleviate doubts and concerns but also provides a platform to support each through post-surgical recovery.

Ms Shailaja Suresh, CEO, Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Bengaluru added,” Medical literature on Bariatric surgeries proves that it can solve many health issues. There is an increasing awareness amongst medical practitioners as well as general public about its various health benefits and that once morbid obesity is treated, comorbidities can also be treated.“


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