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ACCESS Health India launches new bestseller by Dr. William A. Haseltine

04 February 2019 | News

ACCESS Health India translates learning to improve health systems in India through collaborative partnerships

Dr. William A. Haseltine at the launch of World Class: A Story of Adversity, Transformation, and Success at NYU Langone Health

Dr. William A. Haseltine at the launch of World Class: A Story of Adversity, Transformation, and Success at NYU Langone Health

ACCESS Health International launched a new bestseller authored by Dr. William Haseltine, Chair and President of ACCESS Health International, World Class: A Story of Adversity, Transformation, and Success at NYU Langone Health. The book tells the remarkable story of an underperforming New York City medical center that was transformed into a world class, patient centered institution that now delivers clinical excellence, produces outstanding research, and offers free education to medical students.

According to Dr William Haseltine, “The NYU Langone Health case study offers valuable lessons for India in transforming healthcare delivery through systems thinking, innovation in medical education, and leveraging the powers of digital health. It also demonstrates the boundless possibilities of an integrated care model and is an important example of that all healthcare leaders in India and elsewhere can learn from.” 

Ten years ago, NYU Langone Health was losing tens of millions of dollars and ranked in the bottom third of academic medical center hospitals for quality and safety. Now, NYU Langone Health is ranked as the number three medical school in the United States, just behind Harvard and Johns Hopkins. NYU Langone Health also moved from the bottom third in national quality and safety rankings to regularly ranking number one or two in the country, all while reducing costs and more than tripling their top line.

Addressing the media, Dr. Krishna Reddy, Country Director of ACCESS Health India, said that, “The NYU Langone Health story is in line with the founding principles of ACCESS Health: to study best practices across the world and share them with others to improve health and to create a positive impact in our world. Dr. Haseltine’s latest book follows an earlier book – Every Second Counts – which tells the groundbreaking story of the national ambulance services developed by EMRI in India. Both books have key learnings that are relevant to our healthcare systems here, including the power of digital health to drive efficiencies, to improve quality and patient experience, and to move towards integrated care. As India moves towards Universal Health Coverage through its ambitious Ayushman Bharat scheme across the country, the need for a comprehensive, national digital health system becomes more and more critical, especially in the context of driving safety and quality across delivery system.”

ACCESS Health has been part of a recent collaborative effort to address issues at the systems level. ACCESS Health supported donor organizations and international and national researchers on work devoted to universal health coverage, quality of care, preventive and primary care, and digital health.  To this end, ACCESS Health is committed to carry forward its work on various recommendations for health systems improvement in collaboration with other research and implementation partners. 

ACCESS Health International will celebrate its twelfth anniversary this year. Over these years the not for profit organization has expanded from a single office in Hyderabad to offices in many of the major cities of the world, including New Delhi, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Manila, Stockholm, and New York. ACCESS Health International, Inc. is a think tank and advisory group with a vision that all people no matter where they live, no matter what their age, have the right to access high quality and affordable healthcare. ACCESS Health partners across sectors in low, middle, and high income countries to drive innovation in healthcare finance, delivery systems, quality and process improvement, training, and business engagement.



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