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Omnicuris launches ‘OC Connect’

22 April 2020 | News

The app allows doctors to perform multiple functions using a single digital platform

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

Omnicuris, online platform for doctors, has introduced a new digital platform called ‘OC Connect’ to help doctors better engage with patients at a time of a global pandemic and improve the much-needed flow of credible information.

The app allows doctors to perform multiple functions using a single digital platform including obtaining online upskilling modules, offering tele-consultations and engaging patients with information to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

With the Covid 19 outbreak grounding everyone, healthcare systems are looking for better ways to address the diverse needs of patients while giving doctors access to the latest information about the impact of the pandemic on their specialties.

Omnicuris’s new digital platform is aimed at filling this void and enabling doctors to establish a better connection with their fraternity as well as their patients.

Savitha Kuttan, CEO, Omnicuris said, “The global situation and our collective understanding of the novel coronavirus is evolving continually. Given the fact that this is a novel virus, even doctors around the world are learning new things every day about the disease and approaches to its treatment. Doctors working in different specialties are also eager to understand the approaches needed to better care for their patients. Apart from this, the doctor-patient relationship has also turned digital in this crisis with tele-consultations becoming the new norm. Our new product aims to address multiple requirements emanating from this crisis and improve doctor-patient connection as well as the flow of information.”

With the crisis inundating the healthcare system, non-emergency OPDs have been suspended across most hospitals. Patients themselves want to minimize hospital visits to prevent any risk of cross infection. However, for patients with chronic diseases who need to remain in constant touch with their doctors, there is a need for better engagement mechanisms and improved flow of information. OC Connect aims to fill this gap effectively.

Patients with underlying conditions such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, COPD or kidney ailments are at higher risk of complications from the disease. This is why it is important to keep them aware and informed about the approaches they must adopt to minimize their risk. Similarly, constant information flow is also important to bust myths or misconceptions. For example, reports indicated that people had self-medicated with hydroxychloroquine hoping it would act as a prophylactic. However, consuming any drug without medical supervision can be dangerous. Here comes the need for constant engagement by doctors to advise patients about the diet, immunity boosting foods, medication etc. needed for them and address any myths.

“Doctors can use our application not only to upskill themselves by enrolling themselves in CMEs and getting the latest information about the evolving situation from their fraternity, they can also improve their engagement with their patients. Apart from virtual consultations to stay connected with their patient, doctors can also use this app to share valuable information with their patients,” added Ms Kuttan.



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