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Zorgers launches app to make home healthcare tech-friendly

08 August 2019 | News

The app is aimed to ensure convenience for healthcare professionals and keep them connected to the healthcare ecosystem throughout the day

Zorgers, a pioneer in the home healthcare industry strives to make Home Healthcare in India available at your fingertips. Having made its mark in the industry by serving over 10,000 clients in North India alone, Zorgers has now joined the mobile app bandwagon by launching an Android app that aims to help monitor its patients remotely. The app also provides information about the health of the patients and navigation to caregivers, whenever in need.

Zorgers understands that technology is at the core of monitoring healthcare. Therefore, the app is aimed to ensure convenience for healthcare professionals and keep them connected to the healthcare ecosystem throughout the day. The app also enables Caregivers by helping them manage locations, addresses, and contact information of the clients, on their app. When a new Carer comes aboard, the app helps him/her to track the exact details of the patient, keeping the contact information safe at the same time.

“Technology seems to have touched every aspect of the Indian urban lifestyle. Healthcare services at Home in India have evolved from simple tests to elderly care, oncology care, at-home consultations, nursing and much more. Health-Tech platforms have mushroomed making consumers more aware of their health problems and steps they can take to cure it.Earlier if there were ways to analyse a health parameter, it would be only at a clinic or a hospital. The scenario has changed drastically now. Thanks to the evolving home healthcare and health-tech industry, such information is now made available to consumers at the comfort of their homes and mobile devices.” shared Varun Gupta, CEO of Zorgers Healthcare.

The Indian home healthcare market is expected to grow to around $4.46 billion by 2018 and $6.21 billion by 2020. The adoption of home healthcare solutions in India is still at an early stage. In comparison to countries like the US where home healthcare comprises 8.3% of the $280-billion healthcare industry India falls behind severely comprising merely 2% of the spend.

Centralizing a widely decentralized home care industry is possible, with some limitations course. The industry has introduced remote, real-time equipment for continued monitoring. Zorgers has been researching on projects regarding real-time monitoring of the patient. In such a case, the app would send alerts in real-time, in case the patient falls. Eventually, the aim lies in improving home healthcare protocols at the heart of the Internet of Caregiving.

Zorgers is providing regular updates to its app to focus on the integration of technology in the home healthcare space. If you analyse the economics of the Home Healthcare sector, it would seem evident that there is a noticeable demand-supply gap in Caregiving. There exists a need to uplift Caregiving standards through constant training and enabling Do’s and Don’ts. Real Time Location Tracking: As apps continue to get popular amongst the users, real-time tracking comes in handy to track and monitor assistance 24 * 7.
Co-ordination:  The app also serves as a platform to keep the patient, doctor and nurse on the same platform. Alerts are sent to ensure the medical intervention is available whenever required.


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