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Sartorius Stedim launched new Data Analytics Software

11 December 2017 | News

SIMCA and SIMCA online software updates in the Umetrics Suite help manufacturing industries make better business decisions and optimize process control

Sartorius Stedim Biotech is a leading international supplier of products and services that enable the biopharmaceutical industry to develop and manufacture drugs safely and efficiently.

The company has launched a new version of its SIMCA and SIMCA online data analytical solutions, which are offered by its subsidiary Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics, formerly known as Umetrics.

Every day, businesses generate a vast array of data derived from a variety of different sources. This data holds the key to better performance.

The challenge is to interpret this information in a meaningful way. However, with so many parameters and such vast system complexity to consider, it is hard to find a solution that is both powerful and smart enough.

SIMCA, an established advanced data analytics and visualization program as part of the company’s proven Umetrics Suite.

It makes possible to combine and analyze data from all sources to isolate, understand and act on the hidden gems that hold the secret to better decision-making and greater business success.

SIMCA is multivariate data analysis engine enables companies to swiftly detect and analyze deviations from normal operating conditions by modeling an idealized process.

Once this model is transferred into SIMCA online, it serves as a valuable reference for your current production.

The newly enhanced software offers an intuitive graphical interface and the flexibility to handle complex data, such as reworking, splitting and merging, and more.

SIMCA projects can be uploaded directly to an available SIMCA-online server for real-time visualization of the process from a data point of view. 

The real-time monitoring and prediction system, SIMCA online, constantly monitors processes to provide a continuous snapshot of the users operations.

It not only helps to identify when set parameters change, but also enables remedial action to be taken before production is affected, ensuring that product quality remains consistent.

With this level of control, it is possible to maximize resource efficiency, minimize operational costs and benefit from increased confidence in end-product quality.

SIMCA online has the self-service analytics capability, which allows anyone to create fundamental process models, regardless of their background.

The new notification system, along with the new web client, gives the user peace of mind about the quality of production anywhere and anytime as this system provides an overview of the production processes on devices such as tablets or mobile phones.

SIMCA and SIMCA online have been developed according to GAMP5 and have been extensively tested and validated.

These programs are also used by the EMA and FDA for Real-Time Release testing. 

As leading experts for analyzing data, Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics helps companies in any industry, which include the pharma, chemical and food sectors, find the growth opportunities they need using the comprehensive Umetrics Suite.

These solutions enable them to harness the wealth of data within an organization, identifying vital elements to improve the results of research, product development and manufacturing processes.

With improved process understanding and more consistent product quality, users will be able to reduce risk, speed up time to market and accelerate business growth.

A complete solution encompasses software, training, support and project management. Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics also provides the backup of an international network.


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