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Patent for Flu Vaccine granted in India

03 January 2018 | News

BiondVax is developer of M-001, the Universal Flu Vaccine candidate currently in preparation for a Phase 3 clinical trial

BiondVax is an advanced clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing a universal flu vaccine.

The company announced that one of its key patents titled "A Synthetic or Recombinant Influenza Multi-Epitope Polypeptide" has been granted in India.

The patent belongs to BiondVax's portfolio family titled "Multimeric Multi-Epitope Influenza Vaccines" and has now been granted in over 30 countries. 

India, with high population is an important potential market for BiondVax and a universal flu vaccine may significantly improve public health. 

Authorities worldwide recognize that currently marketed influenza vaccines fall short.

M-001, which is designed to cover current, future, seasonal and pandemic flu strains, is preparing to enter Phase 3 trials later in 2018. 

There is a general recommendation for seasonal influenza vaccination in India for healthcare workers, pregnant women, and people with some chronic illnesses.

However, Northern and Southern Hemisphere flu strains dominate at different times and in different regions of the Indian subcontinent.

A universal flu vaccine, designed to cover all flu strains, would provide consistent coverage, and be appropriate for vaccination throughout the year. 

The patent describes influenza vaccines comprised of multiple copies of several epitopes, such as M-001 which contains nine common and conserved influenza virus epitopes.


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