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Winter ailments and their remedies

09 January 2020 | Features | By Dr. Lipsa Shah- Ayurveda Consultant, Saifee Hospital

Few individuals are more vulnerable to common illnesses most can be taken care of by a fair number of safeguards

As we step into the season of hazy mornings and breezy evenings, the winter lets us take a break from the excruciating heat. Winter is around the corner for India and it is a time to celebrate. It’s the season of hot teacups and snuggling in bed. It is also the wedding season time along with numerous Christmas festivities. Despite all the exciting things happening the winter season brings a lot of ailments with the onset of low temperatures. 

In tropical countries, like India, it is a season where temperatures drop down from the average annual temperatures. During this time as the environment’s condition is cooler, body heat usually experiences a drop in temperature. Thus, the alter within the handle is illustrated through several ailments. Whereas a few individuals are more vulnerable to catching these common illnesses most can be taken care of by a fair number of safeguards.

Common winter illnesses in India: 

Cold and Flu

Opposite to well-known belief, cold and flu side effects are not a coordinate result of falling temperatures. Numerous people endure from bacterial or viral actuated cold and flu side effects coming about from a compromised safe framework. Within the winter, when temperatures start to drop, the body starts to work in overdrive to control the typical body temperature. Flu, for the most part, gets transmitted through the air within the environment. However, keeping yourself protected from chilling winds is always beneficial. Cinnamon tea is very beneficial for cold as it contains anti- inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which aids in improving the overall health. 

Sore throat

Sore throats are common in winter and are nearly continuously caused by viral infections. One speedy and simple cure for a sore throat is to gargle with warm salty water. Dissolve one teaspoon of salt and turmeric in a glass of part-cooled lukewarm water. It won't heal the throat immediately,but it has anti-inflammatory properties and can have a relieving effect. 

Dry skin

Dry skin could be a common condition and is worse amidst winter when natural humidity is low.Moisturising your skin is advised during the winter. Massage your skin with almond oil or olive oil, it will not only make the skin smooth but also add a glow to your skin. Have warm, instead of hot, showers. Hot water makes the skin feel more itchy and irritated. Olive oil or almond oil. 

Painful joints

Numerous individuals with joint pain say their joints ended up more painful and firm in winter, even though it’s not clear why this is usually the case. There’s no evidence that the reason behind changes within the weather causes pain in the joints. One of the foremost common cures to induce relief from joint torments is keeping yourselves and your feet warm. Along with that wear two or three sets of thin clothing rather than one pair of heavy warm clothes. Working out regularly can boost a person’s mental and physical state. Regular full body massages like Abhyangam proves to be very effective in destressing, unwinding, and relaxing the body. 


Running nose, coughing, migraines, and chest congestions make peoples unwell during the winters. Sinus issues happen when homes are closed and there’s no legitimate ventilation. To remain clear of sinusitis this winter, make sure one gets sufficient rest, eat solids, drink plenty of liquids and keep away from dust. A combination of turmeric and ginger, brewed together helps loosen mucus from clogged nasal passages and ensure overall wellness.

Winter is the time of enjoyment and excitement. Don’t let yourself down with one of the illnesses that keeps you from encountering these delights. People who exercise on a regular basis experience less pain, have more energy, sleep better, and function better day-to-day wherein the time of day can influence how you feel when exercising. A few safeguards can keep these illnesses away to celebrate this season in the right spirit.


Dr. Lipsa Shah- Ayurveda Consultant, Saifee Hospital


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