Karnataka’s biotechnology finishing school programme, five years on

March 24, 2017   |   Views

Dr S Balasubramanya, BTFS Coordinator and Dr Mittur N Jagadish, Head-BioTech Facilitation Cell, KBITS,


GST Bill: what it means for healthcare sector

November 10, 2016   |   Views

The current cascading tax structure on import duty makes it expensive for the industry to import machinery


Effects of GST on India’s Healthcare Industry

November 10, 2016   |   Views

GST is expected to have a positive effect on the Pharmaceutical sector


IPRs – the journey to economic progress

July 26, 2016   |   Views

Guest article by Ranjit Shahani, President Emeritus - OPPI


National IPR Policy - Impact on Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sector

July 26, 2016   |   Views

Guest article by Adv. Prity Khastgir, Patent Attorney and Partner, Tech Corp Legal LLP on new IPR policy


Protect and Encourage Innovation

July 19, 2016   |   Views

Guest article by Kanchana TK, Director General, Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI)


Creative India; Innovative India

July 19, 2016   |   Views

Guest article by Tarun Kumar Bansal, Director, Sagacious Research on New IPR Policy


New IPR Policy a thrust to Innovations

July 18, 2016   |   Views

Guest article by Dr Shirshendu Mukherjee, Senior Startegic advisor –India Initiatives, Wellcome Trust

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