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  • 12 May 2016
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  • By Mr Manu Grover, Product Manager-Pharmaceutical Market, Waters India

Separating Beyond Question: Acquity QDa


Mr Manu Grover, Product Manager-Pharmaceutical Market, Waters India

When Albert Einstein forged the bedrock theory of modern physics 100 years ago, he had no computer, no internet and few homes had telephones. Yet it took one of the most sophisticated science tools ever built, at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars, to prove an idea the scientist had crafted with little more than paper, a fountain pen, hard work and a mind sharper than most. Recently physicists announced they had detected gravitational waves, hitherto a key unproven element of Einstein's general theory of relativity.

It is not always the complicated process work better but simple tools and process are faster and accurate too. Waters also with same philosophy started searching for simple answers for complicated questions. One of the Complicated process in analytical industry was handling of Mass detection technologies. The research is still on, to find the most sensitive Mass spectrometer or detector. Waters thought differently and focussed on simplifying the usage of the Mass detector technology so that it reaches to masses and today we have world's smallest, sensitive enough , very robust, and highly user friendly Mass detector- Acquity QDa.

The product is a truly a industry changing technology. The idea was to empower and enable chromatographers with accessible mass data, without the training, without the complexity, without extensive compound-specific optimisation. This is realised through the Acquity QDa detector which is now revolutionising practices within laboratories in India and globally. Within India we have more than 20 companies using the technology in different areas of R&D, Quality Control, Drug Discovery etc.

The vision of the Acquity QDa was born through the unmet need of the analytical scientists. Today many prestigious scientists and multi-national companies are thrilled with its impact on quality of data. The QDa has been recognised throughout the industry both India and globally garnering very positive reviews and winning multiple awards for innovation. Acquity QDa was listed as one of the top 15 innovative products of the year.

Increased efficiency is coming from dramatic innovation. The result of over 30 patented Waters innovations, this the only mass detector that fits on top of your instrument stack. Using less bench space and less energy than a traditional mass spectrometer, it fits easily within your existing lab set up as part of your regular workflow. Even most cleaning and routine maintenance have been innovated away, maximizing your uptime. This is fundamentally different from any experience one would have had with MS.


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