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  • 9 March 2015
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Hot Biotech Start-ups: QTLomics Technologies


Dr Krishna Prasad, COO, QTLomics Technologies
2014: Success, milestones and failures
2014 was not bad. We have hired few people in our team and also acquired space to begin our operations. With what started as a team of 3 people, we are now 13 people and we have grown in all directions.

One significant thing is we are on the verge of break-even the investment. The amount of investments that we had and the turn-over that we could made, we have just crossed the break-even point. That is the major highlight. Start-ups, in the first two years generally don't make any profit, you can't accept profits. If you can break even that is a big achievement. That I would say is our biggest achievements for a start-up, to be profitable in the first year.

I would not say failures, it is just learning process, some projects we could not deliver because of prize issue, not an important thing but still it affects because of that we could not complete few projects, basically we did not get those projects, otherwise we would have made even better than what we are today.

I think in the coming years a lot of people will be investing in agriculture, which have taken a back seat as of now. We are very fortunate enough to have customers outside of India, now QTLomics is known to everybody as far as branding is concerned. We have rightly branded our self as an agri-genomics company.

2015: The Road ahead/Plans
2015, we will raise funding, we are looking for another Rs 2 crore, so that we can develop products. Last year, we were providing services, we were taking and selling the products basically to enter the markets. We are slowly moving into developing the product. We have initiated our R&D efforts for our two products, which we would like to come up with this year. In order to raise more value both in terms of the number and value for the customers, it is always good to make your own products. So, this year we would love to bring out at least two products.

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