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Women's day special article by Dr Sudha Narayan Rao, executive director, Genotypic Technology


Dr Sudha Narayan Rao, executive director, Genotypic Technology

Entrepreneurship for me was more by accident than by design, having grown up in a family that considered education and independence for women as essential as for men.

When my husband (also a genomics specialist) and I, were returning to India after postdoctoral Research in the US and Israel and having experienced hands-on what was hot and happening in the genomics space, we had 2 choices ahead of us - take to academic research or start something new.

Late nineties was when the dotcom bubble had burst and investments into new ventures were hard to come by. Genomics was an unheard name with Biotechnology still associated with just tissue culture and Beer manufacturing and enzymes.

Biotech Research was expensive, still not in the reach for many an aspiring scientist- for one, such technologies were hard to come by- most came from the US, then there were not as many trained people. Genomics as a service was unheard of...That was the opportunity we saw.

As first generation entrepreneurs, it was learning all the way- for me as a scientist- and no formal training in either finance or business it meant even learning what an Invoice meant. It was baby steps all the way with learnings from mentors from family to advisors to our peers.


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