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  • 27 January 2015
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  • By Dr B V Ravikumar

Crystal ball Gazing 2015: Xcyton Diagnostics (India)


Dr BV Ravikumar, founder, chairman & MD XCyton

crystal-bsi-jan-web  According to me the most exciting trend in healthcare is the acceptance of molecular diagnostics in public health space. We are expecting a lot of international diagnostic companies to set up their base in India-mainly marketing.

For Xcyton, 2014 was an experimental year. It was a year of understanding the market and unraveling new opportunities. Most significant event is the conclusion of a Randomized Controlled Trial of our SES Sepsis in cases of neonatal sepsis. This trial showed that when our test is used as the primary diagnostic tool on day one of identification of sepsis and the patient is treated according to the results, 82 percent of neonatal deaths can be prevented.

Our main focus for the next year will be to grow in the market and make our tests available to both public health and private sectors. We aim to excel in the market in mainly two areas Neonatal sepsis and Neurological infections. We are also planning significant R&D spending to automate our SES processes.

Next year will be exciting for the pharma industries. The sector will see many Mergers and Acquisitions. However, biotech sector in India will still continue to struggle to raise money for good ideas. Overall life science sector will see great growth in biosimilars.

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