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  • 27 January 2015
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  • By Mr Ananda Sen Gupta

Crystal ball Gazing 2015: TrackMyBeat


Mr Ananda Sen Gupta, CEO & Co-founder, TrackMyBeat

crystal-bsi-jan-web There has been enormous interest in the uses of technology in the healthcare sector in recent years. Advances in technology have coincided with the rapid increase of 'lifestyle diseases' such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

By using the former to manage and eventually slow the alarming rise of the latter, we get to put innovations into good use rather than simply innovating for the sake of it. In fact, some of the technology has existed for some time but we can only leverage its uses now with the penetration of smart phones among developing countries. By using this opportunity to disseminate as well as gather data, TrackMyBeat hopes to address critical health issues in both urban and rural populations.

We are still in the start-up stage and have been concentrating in developing a core product which answers to the needs of our prospective users. Fund-raising has also been a major part of our activities during this past year.

TrackMyBeat will unroll its improved web portal services along with several new devices in the coming year. Greater integration means that we will be able to better monitor a larger number of diseases. Customer feedback will also be essential as we continue to innovate. The objective is to create a solution that will eventually work for individuals, corporate clients, families, and health centers (rural and urban) in order to streamline the way healthcare is delivered in India.
We will have a dual focus on product and sales in 2015. Both need to feed into each other in a virtuous cycle. A better product will drive sales while more sales will mean both the revenue and the user feedback necessary to improve upon the product.

TrackMyBeat hopes that more players in the sector will mean greater sensitization of the public to the need of better managing one's health. Lack of information, and the generally negative perception of the public when it comes to lifestyle diseases and its management, is what TrackMyBeat sees as its biggest challenge. Constructive competition among industry players is necessary in order to move the population towards healthier lifestyle choices.

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