• 24 May 2013
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  • By Nupur Dube

Fresher hiring campaigns are fruitful and effective

Ms Nupur Dube, senior manager, human resources, Karmic Lifesciences, talks about various unique skill sets that the company look for when hiring freshers


Ms Nupur Dube, senior manager, human resources at Karmic Lifesciences

Freshers are blessed with a competency that would be challenging for most experienced employees-their lack of baggage. When they step into an organization for the very first time they are expected to be a "clean slate", with which comes their remarkable ability to absorb and grasp the tricks of the trade and look at things from a fresh perspective.

Karmic consciously strives to strike a workforce balance between the technical or functional know-how and overall strength of educational diversity. Narrow specializations are usually preferred in roles requiring deep domain knowledge and technical expertise. Diverse background in education reflects the adaptability of a candidate to cope up in different fields. Hence for generic roles such as business development and marketing, candidates from diverse backgrounds are preferred on account of their exposure. It is pertinent to mention that both skill sets come with unique set of competencies, which are required by an organization depending on the specifications of the job.

A candidate's ability to perform, outperform or underperform in an assignment may be ascertained by his level of readiness for the task at hand. All the above factors contribute to preparing a student towards greater challenges. Besides this, I think a candidate's passion and clarity about one's career, level of preparedness for the job they are interviewing for, their ability to communicate upwards and downwards, their career interests, domain specific and general awareness levels would be the generic qualities to look for in freshers.

Institution is important mainly for initial entry, but then performance takes over; we would give it some weightage, though extra-curricular activities would again not be a very important determinant of candidature. Allied projects/internships would be relevant to some extent if it is in related areas. The main ingredients are generic traits and skills such as passion, technical knowledge, communication skills, and interest and initiatives.
In the last year, Karmic hired around 20 freshers across departments out of which 90 percent were for non-sales roles and most of these were undertaken through campus interviews, employee referrals and job boards.

In our experience we have found our fresher hiring campaigns to be fairly fruitful and effective and some of the highest performers in the company today came in as freshers. Freshers can expect to grow rapidly within Karmic. Along with the obvious growth in terms of roles and responsibilities, they can also anticipate diverse learning opportunities across the organization as well as exposure to not only India centric business, but also to global business and best practices.

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