• 14 May 2013
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  • By Ajitha P

We offer meaningful jobs with sustainable profile

Ms Ajitha, head, people and organization, Novozymes South Asia, talks about Novozymes’ contribution in providing sustainable solutions and also about the company’s dynamic hiring programs


Ms Ajitha P, head, people and organization, Novozymes South Asia

A growing global population with a rising need for food, water, energy and other resources is pushing industries to get smarter and produce more with less. Novozymes supports this transformation by replacing conventional chemicals with enzymes and microorganisms, thereby helping reduce the water, energy and raw materials needed in many industrial processes.
India is a significant market for Novozymes and we believe that we can positively contribute to the sustainable future of the country. Novozymes India began its operations in 1983 with two employees operating from a business center. Since then the Indian operations have grown into an organization spread across three sites in India with more than 400 employees. Over the years, we have become the largest supplier of industrial enzymes and microorganisms in India, catering to requirements across industries.

Novozymes India aims to engage and interact with the thinkers of tomorrow. Therefore, we have a dynamic campus program, where we have active dialogues with key universities and students. Under the program, Novozymes India invites students and graduates to visit our world and also receive first-hand information on industrial biotechnology, enzymes, and sustainability. We also have our flagship event, "Voice for BT", where we engage with graduate students and try to ignite their minds on different aspects of biotechnology. Recruitment is a continuous process which runs throughout the year depending on the company's requirement. We have a multi-pronged approach to attract talent. We use the recruitment agencies, our website as well as direct campus recruitment. While we approach biotech campuses for recruiting freshers, we usually start the process by offering internship opportunities. Our internship program seeks to absorb freshers as project interns and train them to take permanent positions. Our campus recruitment is aligned with the dates provided by the university.

Novozymes as an organization aims to bring together smart, creative and passionate people who wish to make a difference to the world. We actively seek to recruit and foster employees who will thrive and grow while living our company values-dare to lead, trust and earn trust, connect to create, and unlock passion-and who are determined to work together to create a high-growth workplace that would benefit self, society, the world and Novozymes. Apart from excellent technical competencies, we look at candidates who also have good attitude, learning ability, drive and adaptability.

At Novozymes we believe that employees don't just get a job, but a meaningful job with a sustainability profile; each employee contributes to saving energy and reducing the use of raw materials. Compensation and benefits being offered are on par with the industry as we refer to the industry benchmark reports while devising the compensation package. We believe that continuous development is important for all employees and we invest in that growth. It also supports the dynamic organization we want to be. We ensure that there is continuous learning and development opportunity provided to enhance competencies of the individual that increases innovation and fosters curiosity and creativity which are the crucial elements for our success.

There are two types of career path-one can choose to become a people manager or a specialist. Both vertical and horizontal career opportunities exist for the employees to pursue. Horizontally, employees enhance their competencies and grow by widening their knowledge through cross functional challenging projects. We also ensure that our employees are developed to take up global leadership positions, through our talent development and leadership programs.

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